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κάμπτω , fut.
A.κάμψωIl.7.118, S.OC91: aor. 1 “ἔκαμψαOd.5.453, Pi.P.2.51, etc.:—Pass., fut. “καμφθήσομαιD.Chr.77.33, Gal.UP2.15: aor. “ἐκάμφθηνA.Pr.513, Th.3.58: pf. inf. “κεκάμφθαιHp.Art.67, part. “κεκαμμένοςArist.Metaph.1016a12, (ἐπι-, συγ-) Hp.Prog.3, X. Eq.7.2. (Cogn. with Lith. ka[mtilde]p-as 'corner', ku[mtilde]p-as 'curved', and prob. Lat. campus):—bend, curve, ὄφρα ἴτυν κάμψῃ that he may bend it into a chariot-rail, Il.4.486 (so metaph., “κ. νέας ἁψῖδας ἐπῶνAr.Th.53): freq. in phrase, γόνυ κ. bend the knee so as to sit down and rest, “φημί μιν ἀσπασίως γόνυ κάμψεινIl.7.118, cf. 19.72; “ δ᾽ ἄρ᾽ ἄμφω γούνατ᾽ ἔκαμψε Χεῖράς τε στιβαράςOd.5.453; οὐ κάμπτων γόνυ, i.e. never resting, A.Pr.32; ἄσμενός τἂν . . κάμψειεν γόνυ ib. 398; “ἵζω . . κάμψας γόνυE.Hec.1150; so “κ. κῶλαS.OC19; then κάμπτειν alone, sit down, rest, ib.85, E.Hec.1080(lyr.); also γόνυ κ. bend the knee in worship, LXXIs.45.23, etc.:—Pass., bend oneself, opp. ἐκτείνεσθαι, Pl.Ti.74b; “ὥσπερ ξύλον καμπτόμενον εὐθύνουσινId.Prt. 325d; κεκαμμένη (sc. γραμμή) a bent line, Arist.Metaph.l.c.
II. turn or guide a horse or chariot round the turning-post (cf. “καμπτήρ11), κάμψαι διαύλου θάτερον κῶλον πάλιν to double the post and return along the second half of the δίαυλος, A.Ag.344; “κ. δρόμονB. 9.26; κάμπτοντος ἵππου as the horse was turning, S.El.744; “κ. περὶ νύσσανTheoc.24.120: metaph., κ. βίον to make the last turn in the course of life, S.OC91; “κ. βίου τέλοςE.Hipp.87, El.956; “ὅταν κάμψῃς καὶ τελευτήσῃς βίονId.Hel.1666; ἑξηκοστὸν ἥλιον κ. Herod.10.1; διὰ λόγου κάμψαι κακά to end evils by reasoning, E.Supp.748.
3. abs., πάλιν κ. turn back, E.Ba.1225, Rh.234 (lyr.); ἐγγὺς τῶν ἐμῶν κάμπτεις φρενῶν κάμπτῃ codd.) thou comest near my meaning, Id.IT 815.
III. in Music, κάμπτων με καὶ στρέφων ὅλην διέφθορεν (sc. Phrynis) with his turns and twists, Pherecr.145.15; “κ. καμπήνAr.Nu. 969; “κ. ᾠδάςPhilostr.VA4.39.
IV. metaph., κάμπτειν τινά bow down, humble, Pi.P.2.51; “ Χρόνος μ᾽ ἔκαμψεCrates Theb.17:—Pass., to be bent or bowed down, “πημοναῖσιA.Pr.239, 308, cf. 513; κάμπτομαι I submit, Pl.Prt.320b, etc.; “κάμπτεσθαι καὶ ἕλκεσθαι πρὸς φιλοσοφίανId.R.494e; πολλὰ κάμπτονται καὶ συγκλῶνται are warped, Id.Tht. 173b: abs., to be moved to pity, Th.3.58 (in full “κ. εἰς ἔλεονLib.Or. 59.85).
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