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ὑποφέρω , fut.
A.ὑποίσωS.El.834 (lyr.), Phld.Lib.p.28 O.: aor. “ὑπήνεγκονArist.Pol.1267a27, Ep. “ὑπήνεικαIl.5.885:—carry away under, esp. bear out of danger,ἀλλά μ᾽ ὑπήνεικαν ταχέες πόδεςIl. l.c.:—Pass., to be taken from under,ἐὰν [τὸ ὑποκείμενον] ὑποφέρηταιArist.IA705a9.
2. bring close together, τὰ ὀπίσθια σκέλη (sc. ἐπὶ τὰ ἔμπροσθεν) Id.HA604b1.
II. bear or carry by being under, bear a burden, τὰ ὅπλα, of an armour-bearer, X.Cyr.4.5.57; “τῶν τὰ σημεῖα δοράτων ὑποφερόντωνPlu.Sull.7:—Pass., to be supported,τοῖς σκέλεσιArist.Pr. 882b29.
III. bear or carry behind,δίφρους τινίAel.VH4.22.
2. subjoin, add in speaking, D.H.7.16, Longin. 16.4.
2. metaph., hold out, suggest, proffer,εἰ τῶν . . οἰχομένων . . ἐλπίδ᾽ ὑποίσειςS.El.834 (lyr.); ὑπέφερον τοὺς μῆνας proposed the (holy) months, i.e. a truce, X.HG4.7.2; σπονδὰς ἀδίκως ὑποφερομένας ibid.
b. ὑποφέρονται γραμμαί τινες αἱματώδεις there are suggestions of lines (in the foetus), Ath.Med. ap. Orib.22.9.1.
V. carry down, of a river, Plu.2.325a, Poll.1.111; “κοιλίη ὑποφέρει χολώδεαAret.SA2.4; cause to slip or fall, Plu.2.459b, Poll.1.187:—Pass., to be borne down,τοῖς ποταμοῖςPlu.Alex.63; slip down,κατὰ κρημνῶνId.Mar.23; of the legs, give way under a person, Hp. Int.36.
2. metaph., bring down in numbers, App.BC5.6; in Pass., decline gradually, of consumptive people, Hp.Epid.1.2; ὀρθοστάδην . ib.3.13, 17.“ιγ́; εἰς πενίανApp.BC2.2; “πόλις ὑποφερομένη πταίσμασιPlu.Comp.Per.Fab.1; στάσιν ὑποφερομένην ἀνακαλεῖσθαι to revive an expiring faction, Id.Sert.4, cf. Lyc.2; of festivals, fall after their due time, Id.Caes.59.
VI. bring to a certain point, “. τινὰ εἰς διόρθωσινId.Lyc.25:—Pass., to be carried away,. εἰς ὕβρινId.Alc.18; “πρὸς τὸ κομπῶδεςId.Alex.23.
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