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ψύχω , Hdt.3.104, etc.: fut.
A.ψύξωAlex.25.10, Arist.PA653b4: aor. “ἔψυξαIl.20.440, Hp.Flat.7: pf. ἔψυ_χα Ps.-Hdn.Gr. in An. Ox.3.256; but “ἔψυ^χαChoerob. in Theod.2.73 H.:—Pass., fut. “ψυχθήσομαιHp.Acut.Sp.15: fut. 2ψυ^γήσομαιEv.Matt.24.12 (v.l. ψυ^χήσομαι), Gal.11.388: aor. “ἐψύχθηνHp.Epid.5.19, Pl.Ti.60d, 76c, X.HG7.1.19, cf. ἀναψύχω: aor. 2 ἐψύχην [υ^] Ar.Nu.151, (ἀπ-) A.Fr.104, Pl.Phdr..242a; “κατα-ψυ^χῆναιInscr.Magn.103.55 (ii B. C.): later “ἐψύγηνDsc.1.55, Gal.7.748, (δια-) PSI6.603.11 (iii B. C.), cf. Moer.p.421 P.: pf. “ἔψυγμαιHp.Vict.1.33, Pl.Criti. 120b, Alex.124.15:—breathe, blow,Ἀθήνη . . ἦκα μάλα ψύξασαIl.20.440.
II. make cool or cold (not necessarily by blowing), ἀπιὼν ἐπὶ μᾶλλον ψύχει (sc. ἥλιος) Hdt.3.104, cf. Hp.VM16 (v.l. for διέψυξε); opp. θερμαίνω, Pl.Phdr.268b; “θερμὸν ψύχεταιHeraclit. 126; “ψῦξον τὸν οἶνονDiph.56, cf. Isoc.15.287:—Pass., grow cool or cold, Hdt.4.181, Ar.Nu.151, Pl.Phd.71b, Arist.Pr.931a1; “οἶνον . . ψυχόμενον ἐν τῷ φρέατιStratt.57; of fire, to be put out, Pl.Criti.120b: metaph., “ψυγήσεται ἀγάπηwill grow cold, Ev.Matt. l. c.
2. cool, refresh, θάλπουσα καὶ ψύχουσα, of a nurse tending a child, Trad.Adesp. 7.2: intr. in Act., seek the cool air, Nic.Th.473, LXX 4 Ki.19.24.
4. metaph. in Pass., to be frigid, Longin.27.1.
III. dry, make dry,δάκρυα δ᾽ οὐ ψύχει γενέτης ἐμόςIG3.1335.13; “ψ. τι πρὸς τὸν ἥλιονLXX Je.8.2: air,ἱμάτιαArr.Epict.1.18.13:—Pass., X.Cyn.5.3; οὗ τὰ σῦκα ψύχεται, gloss on τρασιά, Phot.: in Hom. generally of drying in the wind, opp. τερσήμεναι of drying in the sun, Sch.Il.11.621. (Fr. signf. I comes ψυχή perhaps, but v. ψυχή: signf. 11 (and with it ψῦχος, ψυχρός, etc.) comes fr. signf. I: also signf. 111 fr. signf. 1.) [υ_ always, exc. in aor. 2 Pass., v. Ar.Nu.151.]
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