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ἄγνυ_μι , 3dual
A.ἄγνυ^τονHom., v. infr.: fut. ἄξω κατ-) Il.8.403: aor.1 “ἔαξαHom., (κατ-) Ar.V.1436, etc., “ἦξαIl.23.392, (κατ-) Hp.Epid.5.26; imper. “ἆξονIl.6.306; part. “ἄξας16.371, E.Hel.1598 (“κατ-εάξαντεςLys.3.42 codd., perh. to distinguish it from aor. 1 of ἄγω); inf. “ἆξαιIl.21.178:—Pass., pres., v. infr.: aor. 2 ἐάγην α^, exc. ἐα_γη II.11.559) Hom., etc.; Ep. 3 sing. “ἄγηIl.3.367, 3pl. “ἄγεν4.214: pf. Act. (in pass. sense) “ἔα_γαHes.Op.534, Q.S.1.204; Ion. ἔηγα (κατ-) Hdt.7.224, Hp.Fract.24: pf.Pass. “κατ-έαγμαιLuc.Tim.10: (ϝ, cf. καυάξαις; α^ by nature, ἆξον (Hdn.Gr.2.14), ἆξαι on analogy of contr. forms of κατα-ϝάγνυμι):—break, shiver, “εἴσω δ᾽ ἀσπίδ᾽ ἔαξεIl.7.270; “ἦξε θεὰ ζυγόν23.392; “ἵπποι ἄξαντ᾽ ἐν πρώτῳ ῥυμῷ λίπον ἅρματα16 371; “νῆας . . ἔαξαν κύματαOd.3.298; πρό τε κύματ᾽ ἔαξεν broke the waves, 5.385; ἄγνυτον ὕλην crashed through it, of wild boars, Il.12.148; “ἄγνυσι κεραυνόνAPl.4.250:—Pass., with pf. ἔα_γα, to be broken, shivered, “ἐν χείρεσσιν ἄγη ξίφοςIl.3.367. cf. 16.801; “ἐν καυλῷ ἐάγη δολιχὸν δόρυ13.162; πάταγος. . ἀγνυμενάων (sc. of the trees) 16.769; “νηῶν θ᾽ ἅμα ἀγνυμενάωνOd.10.123; “τοῦ [ὀϊστοῦ] δ᾽ ἐξελκομένοιο πάλιν ἄγεν ὀξέες ὄγκοιIl.4.214; ποταμὸς περὶ καμπὰ<*>ς πολλὰς ἀγνύμενος with a broken, i.e. winding, course, Hdt.1.185: metaph., ἄγνυτο ἠχώ the sound spread around, Hes.Sc.279,348; κέλαδος ἀγνύμενος διὰ στομάτων, of the notes of song, Lyr.Adesp.93.—Act. never in Prose, Pass. once in Hdt., κατάγνυμι being in general use.
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