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ἀλείφω , Hdt.3.8, etc.: fut.
A.-ψωLXX Ex.40.15, (ἐξ-) E.IA1486, Pl.R.386c: aor. “ἤλειψαHom., Att., Ep. “ἄλειψαOd.12.177: pf. ἀλήλι^φα ἀπ-) D.52.2):—Med., fut. “-ψομαιTh.4.68: aor. ἠλειψάμην Att., Ep. “ἀλ-Il.14.171:—Pass., fut. ἀλειφθήσομαι ἐξ-) D.25.73: aor. 1 “ἠλείφθηνHp.Morb.4.54, Pl.Ly.217c, etc.: aor. 2 ἐξ-ηλίφην v.l. in Pl.Phdr.258b, (ἀπ-) D.C.55.3: pf “ἀλήλιμμαιTh.4.68, (ἐξ-, ὑπ-) D.25.70, X.Oec.10.6 (-ει- is freq. found in pf. forms in codd.): (ἀ-, euph., λιπ-, cf. λίπος):—anoint the skin with oil, as was done after bathing, Act.referring to another, Med. to oneself, “λοῦσαι κέλετ᾽ ἀμφί τ᾽ ἀλεῖψαιIl.24.582; Hom. elsewh. always adds λίπα or λίπ᾽ ἐλαίῳ (v. sub λίπα)“, πάντα λοέσσατο καὶ λίπ᾽ ἄλειψενOd.6.227; “λοεσσαμένω καὶ ἀλειψαμένω λίπ᾽ ἐλαίῳIl.10.577, cf. 14.171, 18.350: later of anointing for gymnastic exercises, “λίπα μετὰ τοῦ γυμνάζεσθαι ἠλείψαντοTh.1.6; generally, “λίπα ἀλείφεσθαιId.4.68; “βακκάρι ῥῖναςHippon.41; of anointing the sick, Men.Georg.60, cf. Ep.Jac.5.14.
2. supply oil for gymnasts, ἀλειφούσης τῆς πόλεως CIG (add.) 1957g (Maced.); . πανήγυριν, ἔθνη, Inscr.Magn.163, OGI533.47 (Ancyra); οἱ -όμενοι youths undergoing gymnastic training, ib. 339.72 (Sestos), etc.; οἱ . ἐν τῷ γυμνασίῳ ib.764.5 (Pergam.), al.; ἀλείφεσθαι παρά τινι to attend a gymnastic school, Arr.Epict.1.2.26.
3. polish, “τράπεζανDiph.74; “δακτύλιονThphr.Char.21; “ἀγάλματαArtem.2.33.
4. metaph., prepare as if for gymnastics, encourage, stimulate, instigate, Demad.17, Pl. ap. D.L.4.6; “ἐπὶ τὴν πολιτικὴν ἀγωνίανPhld.Rh.2.59 S.; “τινὰ ἐπὶ τὸν ΚλώδιονApp.BC2.16, cf. Plu.Them.3; “τινὰ κατά τινοςPh.1.549; “τινὰ ἐπὶ φαρμακείανApp.Mac.11.7:—Pass., “τοὺς -ομένους ἐπί τιPhld.Rh.2.158 S.
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