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ἀλλάσσω , later Att. ἀλλαντό-ττω Pl.Prm.139a: impf.
A.ἤλλαττονMen.Epit. 466: fut. “-άξωThgn.21: aor. “ἤλλαξαE.Alc.661: pf. ἤλλα^χα ἀπ-) X.Mem.3.13.6, (δι-) Dionys. Com.2.10:—Med., fut. “ἀλλάξομαιLuc. Tyr.7, (ἀντ-) E.Hel.1088: aor. “ἠλλαξάμηνId.El.103, Antipho 5.79, Th.8.82, etc.: pf. (in med. sense) ἤλλαγμαι ἐν-) S. Aj.208:—Pass., fut. ἀλλαχθήσομαι Trag. and Com., (ἀπ-) E.Med.878, Ar.Av.940; ἀλλαγήσομαι in early Prose, (ἀπ-) Hdt.2.120, (ἐξαπ-) Th.4.28: aor. ἠλλάχθην and ἠλλάγην, former more freq. in S. and E., latter in Prose: pf. “ἤλλαγμαιAntiph. 176, AP9.67, al.: plpf. “ἤλλακτοHdt.2.26. (More common in compds., esp. in later Gk.): (ἄλλος):—make other than it is, change, alter, “τόπονParm.8.41; “μορφήνEmp.137; “χροιάνE. Med.1168; “ἤλλαττε χρώματ᾽Men.Epit.466; “τὸ ἑαυτοῦ εἶδος εἰς πολλὰς μορφάςPl.R. 380d; “χώρανId.Prm.139a.
2. repay, requite, “φόνον φονεῦσινE.El.89.
3. leave, quit, “οὐράνιον φῶςS.Ant.944, cf. E.IT193.
III. take one thing in exchange for another, “κάκιον τοὐσθλοῦ παρεόντοςThgn.21; πόνῳ πόνον . to exchange one suffering with another (nisi leg. πόνου), Trag.Adesp.7.3; ἠλλαττόμεσθ᾽ ἂν δάκρυα δόντες χρυσίον should take in exchange, Philem.73: . θνητὸν εἶδος assume it, E.Ba.53, cf. 1331:—more freq. in Med., τί τινος one thing for another, “εὐδαιμονίας κακοδαιμονίανAntipho 5.79, cf. Pl.Lg.733b; τὰ οἰκήϊα κακὰ ἀλλάξασθαι τοῖσι πλησίοισι exchange them with them, Hdt.7.152: hence, buy, “τι ἀντ᾽ ἀργυρίουPl.R.371c; “διά τινος ὠνῆς καὶ πράσεως ἀλλάττεσθαί τί τινιId.Lg. 915d, 915e; τοῦ παντὸς . prize above all things, Ph.Bel.56.30.
2. take a new position, i.e. go to a place, “.Ἅιδα θαλάμουςE.Hec.483; “πόλιν ἐκ πόλεωςPl.Plt.289e.
IV. abs., have dealings, as buyer or seller, in Med., “πρός τιναPl.Lg.915e.
2. alternate, Emp.17.6; σκῆπτρ᾽ ἔειν ἐνιαυτὸν ἀλλάσσοντε to enjoy power in turn, E.Ph. 74, cf. Pl.Ti.42c:—Pass., ἀρεταὶ . . ἀλλασσόμεναι in turns, Pi.N.11.38, cf. Arist.Pr.940a15. ϝ. Pass., to be reconciled, S.Fr.997.
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