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ἀνάπτω ,
A.make fast on or to, Hom. (only Od.), “ἐκ δ᾽ αὐτοῦ [ἱστοῦ] πείρατ᾽ ἀνῆπτονOd.12.179, cf. 51, 162; “πρυμνήσι᾽ ἀνάψαι9.137: c. dat., “γαίῃA.R.2.177; “. τι πρός τιE.HF1012:— Med., ἐκ τοῦδ᾽ ἀναψόμεσθα πρυμνήτην κάλων to him will we moor our bark, i.e. he shall be our protector, Id.Med.770, etc.; θεοῖσι κῆδος ἀνάψασθαι form a close connexion with . . , Id.Tr.845; χάριτας ἔς τινα . confer favours on . . , Id.Ph.569; also, fasten to oneself,ἐπιστολὴν ἐκ τῶν δακτύλων .Din.1.36; take in tow,ναῦνD.S.13.19, Plu.Cam.8; “τὸ κράτοςPh. 1.474:—Pass., to be fastened or fasten oneself on to, cling to, c. gen., “πέπλωνE.HF629: c. dat., κίοσιν ib.1038 (prob., lyr.); have a thing fastened on one, περιβόλαι᾽ ἀνήμμεθα ib.549.
2. hang up in a temple, offer up, like ἀνατίθημι, πολλὰ δ᾽ ἀγάλματ᾽ ἀνῆψεν Od.3.274, cf. Arist.Fr.572, Lyc.853, Philostr.VA1.11, Tryph.256.
3. metaph., fasten upon, attach to,μῶμον ἀνάψαιOd.2.86; αἷμα . τινί a charge of bloodshed, dub. in E.Andr.1196, cf. Ps.-Phoc.70, etc.; “κήδε᾽ ἀνῆπταί τινιA.R.2.245; ascribe, refer to,τοὺς λόγους εἰς ἀριθμοὺς .Arist.Metaph.1078b22; “ἀρχήν, αἰτίαν . εἰς τὸν ΠύθιονPlu.Lyc.6, etc.; χάριν . τινί ascribe a favour to him, Id.Ant.46; “τὴν χάριν εἰς Καίσαρα πάντων ἀνῆπτενId.Brut.6; “τοῖς ἐκ τοῦ θεοῦ τὴν εὐδαιμονίαν ἀνάψασιPorph.Abst.2.3:—Med., attach oneself,πρὸς πολλούςPhld. Herc.1457.8.
II. light up, kindle,λύχναHdt.2.133; “πῦρE.Or. 1137; “φῶςPl.Ti.39b; “πυρὶ . δόμουςE.Or.1594: metaph., “νέφος οἰμωγῆς ὡς τάχ᾽ ἀνάψειId.Med.107:—Pass., to be kindled, Zeno Stoic. 1.31, etc.
2. inflame with anger, Lib.Or.68.35:—Pass., ib.33.15, Ps.-Callisth.3.22; excite emotionally, Phld.Po.1425.20.
3. intr., to be lighted up, Arist.Mir.841a32.
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