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ἀναβι^β-άζω , fut.
A.-βιβάσωPh.Bel.97.43 (s.v.l.): aor. -εβίβασα:— Med., fut. -βιβάσομαι, Att. “-βιβῶμαιAmips.30, Aeschin.2.146: aor. -εβιβασάμην: (v. βιβάζω):—causal of ἀναβαίνω, make to go up, cause to mount, ἐπὶ τὴν πυρήν, ἐπὶ πύργον, Hdt.1.86, 3.75, X.Cyr.6.1.53; ἐπὶ τὸν τροχόν, of torture, And.1.43; “κατὰ τὸ ἀκρότατονX.HG4.5.3: metaph., uphft,ἐπὶ μετεωροτέραν ἐπίνοιανCorn.ND28.
II. Special usages:
2. . ναῦν draw a ship up on land, Id.HG1.1.2.
3. Med., ἀναβιβάζεσθαίτινας ἐπὶ τὰς ναῦς have them put on board ship, embark for sea, Th.7.33: abs., ἀναβιβασάμενοι ib. 35, cf. X.HG3.4.10.
4. at Athens, bring up to the bar of a court of justice as a witness, Is.9.30:—so in Med., Lys. 12.24, Pl.Ap.18d; bring forward a fellow-prosecutor, Hyp.Eux. 13; but usu. of a culprit, bring up his wife and children to raise compassion, And.1.148, Pl.Ap.34c, Lys.18.24, 20.34, Hyp.Eux.41, Aeschin.3.7, cf. 2.146: so Act., Hyp.Phil.9.
5. . ἐπὶ τὴν σκηνήν bring upon the stage, Plb.23.10.16, 29.19.2.
6. . τὰς τιμάς raise the prices, D.S.5.10, cf. POxy.513.27.
7. promote, advance,στρατιώτηνPh.Bel.97.43: c. acc. cogn., . χώραν advance a step, 94.25:—Pass., ἀναβιβάζεσθαι εἰς τιμήν ascend to honour, Plu.Cat.Ma. 16.
8. Gramm., . τὸν τόνον throw back the accent, A.D.Pron. 49.15, al.; of postpositions, Id.Synt.308.10.
9. . τοὺς φθόγγους lower, moderate them, Plu.TG2.
10. Astron., ἀναβιβάζων σύνδεσμος ascending node, Ptol.Alm.4.9, etc.; without σύνδεσμος, Procl.Hyp.5.105.
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