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ἀπο-κόπτω ,
A.cut off, hew off, freq. in Hom., of men's limbs, “κάρη ἀπέκοψεIl.11.261; ἀπό τ᾽ αὐχένα κόψας ib.146, al.; in Prose, “χεῖρας .Hdt.6.91, etc.; “ἀγκύραςX.HG1.6.21; “γεφύραςPlu.Nic.26; amputate, Archig. ap. Orib.47.13.2; “νηῶν ἀποκόψειν ἄκρα κόρυμβαIl.9.241; “ἀπὸ πείσματ᾽ ἔκοψα νεόςOd.10.127; ἀΐξας ἀπέκοψε παρήορον he cut loose the trace-horse, Il.16.474:—Pass., ἀποκεκόψονται, of buds, will be cut off, Ar.Nu.1125, cf. M.Ant.11.8; . τὴν χεῖρα have it cut off, Hdt.6.114; .τὰ γεννητικά, of eunuchs, Ph.1.89: abs., “ἀποκεκομμένοςeunuch, LXXDe.23.1, cf.Luc.Eun.8:—Med., make oneself a eunuch, Ep.Gal.5.12, cf. Arr.Epict.2.20.19.
2. metaph., “ἀπ᾽ ἐλπίδα φημὶ κεκόφθαι ναυτιλίης νόστου τεA.R.4.1272, cf. Plb.3.63.8; “ἔλεονD.S.13.23; “. τὸ ἀμφίβολον τῆς γνώμηςdecide summarily, Alciphr.1.8; also “ἀποκοπῆναι τῆς ἐλπίδοςPlu.Pyrrh.2; “διὰ τὸ μὴ ἀποκόπτειν τὴν πολυχρόνιον ζωήνexclude from the reckoning, despair of, Phld.Herc.1251.22; reject, exclude, Id.Sign.7, D.3.13:—Med., Phld.Mort.23.
3. esp. of voice or breath, cut short,τὸν τοῦ πνεύματος τόνονD.H.Comp.14, cf. 22:—Pass., “ἀποκέκοπταί τινι φωνήPlu.Dem.25, cf. Dsc.Eup.1.85.
4. of literary periods or phrases, bring to an abrupt close,δεῖ τῆ μακρᾶ -κόπτεσθαιArist.Rh. 1409a19, cf. Demetr.Eloc.18,238.
5. Gramm., in Pass., to be cut short by ἀποκοπή (q.v.), Eust.487.10, EM609.54.
6. abstract an idea or word from its context, “τὸ "ἀγαθὸς" ἀποκοπέν SE57.31.
II. . τινὰ ἀπὸ τόπου beat off from a strong place, of soldiers, X.An.3.4.39, 4.2.10.
III. Med., smite the breast in mourning: c. acc., mourn for,νεκρόνE.Tr.628.
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