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ἀποτίνω , Arc. ἀπυτείω IG5(2).6.43 (Tegea, iv B.C.), fut. -τείσω: aor. -έτεισα; Thess. 3sg. aor. imper. ἀππεισάτον ib.9(2).1229 (ii B.C.):—
3. more freq., pay in full, τίσιν οὐκ ἀποτείσει Orac. ap. Hdt.5.56, cf. 3.109; “ζημίηνId.2.65; “ἀργύριονAr.V.1255; “ἐγγύαςAntipho 2.2.12, cf. 5.63; “χρήματαLys. 1.29; “ἀξίανLuc.DMort.30.1; ἀπότεισον pay the wager! Ar.Pl.1059; in Law παθεῖν ἀποτεῖσαι are opposed to denote personal or pecuniary penalties, e.g. Lexap. D.21.47, cf. ib.25; “τί ἄξιός εἰμι παθεῖν .;Pl.Ap.36b, cf.Plt.299a, Lg.843b, al.
4. c. acc. pers., ἀλάστωρ . . τόνδ᾽ ἀπέτεισεν made him the price, A.Ag.1503 (lyr.).
5. τὸ πεπρωμένον . pay the debt of fate, i.e. die, Epigr.Gr.509 (Thess.).
II. Med., ἀποτίνομαι, poet. ἀποτίνυ^μαι (freq. written -τίννυμαι) Il.16.398, Hes.Op.247 (s.v.l.), Thgn.362, Hdt.6.65: fut. -τείσομαι:—to get paid one, exact or require a penalty from,πόλεων δ᾽ ἀπετίνυτο ποινήνIl.16.398, etc.: c. dupl. acc., “ἀποτείσασθαι δίκην ἐχθρούςE. Heracl.852; “δέκα τάλαντ᾽ .Eup.317 (dub.), etc.
2. c. acc. pers., ἀποτείσασθαί τινα avenge oneself on another, punish him, Od.5.24, X. Cyr.5.4.35, etc.
3. c. acc. rei, take vengeance for a thing, punish it, “εἴ κέ ποτέ σφι βίας ἀποτείσεταιOd.3.216, cf. 16.255; “τὰ παράνομα . . θεὸς .Ar.Th.684: c. gen. rei, “. τῶν . . ἱρῶν κατακαυθέντωνHdt.6.101, v. supr.1.2: abs., take vengeance, Thgn. l.c., Sol.4.16. [ἀποτίνω] has ι_ by position before νϝ in Ep., ι^ in Att. For ἀποτίνυμαι, which has ι_ by nature, ἀποτείνυμαι should perh. be read in early texts; cf. foreg.]
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