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ἀτελής , ές,
A.without end, i.e.,
1. not brought to an end or issue, unaccomplished,τῷ κε καὶ οὐκ . θάνατος μνηστῆρσι γένοιτοOd.17.546; εἰρήνη ἐγένετο . the peace was not brought about, X.HG4.8.15; τὰ μὲν λελεγμένα ἄρρητ᾽ ἐγώ σοι κἀτελῆ φυλάξομαι unaccomplished, i. e. harmless, S.El.1012.
2. incomplete, unfinished,ἀτελῆ σοφίας καρπὸν δρέπεινPi.Fr.209; “ἀτελεῖ τῇ νίκῃ . . ἀνέστησανTh.8.27; of a building, ib.40; without end or purpose, φύσις οὐθὲν . . ἀτελὲς ποιεῖArist.Pol.1256b21.
3. inchoate, imperfect, of growth, Hp.Art.41 (Comp.); “ᾠὰ .Arist.GA733a2; ζῷα ib.774b5; πολῖται ., of minors, Id.Pol.1275a17; “. συλλογισμόςId.APr.24a13; “. ποιεῖν τινάcastrate, Luc.Syr.D.20: Comp. “-έστεροςless highly developed, Ph.898.29. Adv. “-λῶςincompletely, Arist.Pol.1275a13, dub. in Plu.2.472f.
4. never-ending,Δαναΐδων ὑδρεῖαι .Pl. Ax.371e.
II. Act., not bringing to an end, not accomplishing one's purpose, ineffectual,ἀτελεῖ νόῳPi.N.3.42; of persons, “ἀποπέμπειν τινάPl.Smp.179d; . περὶ τὸ κρίνειν imperfectly fitted for . . , Arist.Pol.1281b38; “. εἴς τιPh. 2.417: c. inf., unable to do effectually,ἄκυρος καὶ . σῶσαιAnd.4.9; invalid,δίκαMichel 196 (Elis).
2. not giving accomplishment to a thing, “μαντεύμασιPi.P.5.62.
III. (τέλος IV) free from tax or tribute, Hdt. 2.168, 3.91, Lys.32.24: c.gen., . τῶν ἄλλων free from all other taxes, Hdt.1.192; καρπῶν . free from tithe on produce, Id.6.46; exempt,λῃτουργιῶνD.21.155; στρατείας ib.166, cf. IG22.1132.12, Arist.Pol. 1270b4; τοῦ ἄλλου (sc. φόρου) IG1.40; μετοικίου ib.2.121.
2. of sums, without deduction, nett, ὀβολὸς . an obol clear gain, X.Vect.4.14 sq.; “τριάκοντα μνᾶς ἀτελεῖς ἐλάμβανε τοῦ ἐνιαυτοῦD.27.9.
3. not costly, S.Fr.268, Amphis 29, Paus.Gr.Fr. 305.
IV. (τέλος v) uninitiated, c. gen., “ἱερῶνh.Cer.481; “. τῆς θέαςPl.Phdr.248b; prob. unmarried, Tab.Defix.Aud.68a: metaph., “ἔρημον καὶ . φιλοσοφίαν λείπεινPl.R.495c.
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