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αἵρεσις , εως, ,
A.taking, esp. of a town, Hdt.4.1, etc.; βασιλέος αἵ. the taking by the king, Id.9.3; “ἐλπίζων ταχίστην -σιν ἔσεσθαιTh. 2.75; αἵ. δυνάμεως acquisition of power, Pl.Grg.513a:—generally, taking, receiving, “ἐπιγενημάτωνPTeb.27.66 (ii B. C.).
2. choice, election of magistrates, Th.8.89, cf. Arist.Pol.1266a26, al.; αἱρέσει, opp. κλήρῳ, 1300a19, etc.
3. inclination, choice, πρός τινα Philipp. ap. D.18.166, Plb.2.61.9, etc., cf. IG2.591b; opp. φυγή, Epicur.Ep.3p.62U.; περὶ αἱρέσεων καὶ φυγῶν, title of treatise by Epicurus.
II. purpose, course of action or thought, like προαίρεσις, Pl.Phdr.256c; “ αἵ. τῆς πρεσβείαςAeschin. 2.11; αἵ. Ἐλληνική the study of Greek literature, Plb.39.1.3:—conduct, PTeb.28.10 (ii B. C.).
2. system of philosophic principles, or those who profess such principles, sect, school, Plb.5.93.8, D.S.2.29, Polystr.p.20 W., D.H.Amm.1.7, Comp.2,al., cf. Cic.Fam.15.16.3; κατὰ τῶν αἱ., title of treatise by Antipater of Tarsus; περὶ αἱρέσεων, title of Menippean satire by Varro, cf. Fr.164; αἵρεσις πρὸς Γοργιππίδην, title of work by Chrysippus, D.L.7.191; esp. religious party or sect, of the Essenes, J.BJ2.8.1; the Sadducees and Pharisees, Act.Ap.5.17, 15.5, 26.5; the Christians, ib.24.5,14, 28.22, generally, faction, party, App.BC5.2.
3. corps of epheboi, OGI 176 (Egypt).
4. Astrol., 'condition', Ptol.Tetr.21; ἡμερινὴ αἵ. Vett. Val.1.13.
III. proposed condition, proposal, D.H.3.10.
2. commission, ἐπὶ τοὺς νέους αἵ. Pl.Ax.367a; embassy, mission, IG4.937 (Epid.).
3. freewill offering, opp. vow, LXX Le.22.18,al.
4. bid at auction, “τὴν ἀμείνονα αἵ. διδόντι παραδοθῆναιPOxy.716.22 (ii A. D.), cf. 1630.8 (iii A. D.).
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