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αἰνέω (cf. αἴνημι, αἰνίζομαι), impf.
A.ᾔνουνE.Hec.1154, Ion. “αἴνεονHdt.3.73: fut. “αἰνήσωOd.16.380, Thgn.1080, Pi.N.1.72; in Att. Poets always αἰνέσω, as in Pi.N.7.63, Semon.7.112: aor. “ᾔνησαHom., opt. “αἰνήσειεSimon.57.1; Dor. “αἴνησαPi.P.3.13; in Att. always ᾔνεσα, Ion. “αἴνεσαHdt.5.113: pf.ᾔνεκα ἐπ-) Isoc.12.207:— Med., fut. αἰνέσομαι (only in compds. ἐπ-, παρ-):—Pass., aor. part. “αἰνεθείςHdt.5.102: pf.ᾔνημαι ἐπ-) Hp.Acut.51, Isoc.12.233.—Poet. and Ion. Verb, very rare in good Att. Prose (Pl.R.404d, Lg.952c), ἐπαινέω being used instead:—properly, tell, speak of, A.Ag.98,1482 (both lyr.), Ch.192; σε κρηγύην αἰνεῖ reports of you as honest, Herod. 4.47.
b. esp. in religious sense, glorify God, LXX 1 Ch.16.4, Ev.Luc.2.13, PMag.Par.1.1146, al.:—also c. dat., τῷ κυρίῳ, τῷ θεῷ, LXX 1 Ch.16.36, Apoc.19.5.
2. approve, advise, recommend Od. 16.380,403: c. inf., recommend to do a thing, euphem. for κελεύω, A.Ch.555,715 : c. part., αἰνεῖν ἰόντα to commend one's going, Id.Pers.643:— δεινὸν αἶνον αἰνέσας giver of dire counsel, S.Ph.1380:— c. acc. rei, to be content with, acquiesce in, “γάμονPi.P.3.13, cf. N.1.72, A.Eu.469, Supp.902,1070 (lyr.), E.Med.1157; “θῆσσαν τράπεζαν αἰνέσαιId.Alc.2.
3. praise, with collateral sense, decline courteously, “νῇ ὀλίγην αἰνεῖν, μεγάλῃ δ᾽ ἐνὶ φορτία θέσθαιHes.Op.643 (cf. Plu. 2.22f), cf. S.Fr.109; but, thank, E.Supp.388.
4. abs., approve, “ δᾶμος αἰνεῖIG9(1).119 (Locr.).
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