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βάπτω , fut. βάψω ἐμ-) Ar.Pax959: aor.
A.ἔβαψαS.Aj.95, etc.:— Med., fut. “βάψομαιAr.Lys.51: aor. “ἐβαψάμηνArat.951, AP9.326 (Leon.):—Pass., fut. “βα^φήσομαιLXXLe.11.32, M.Ant.8.51: aor. “ἐβάφθηνAP6.254 (Myrin.), (ἀπ-) Ar.Fr.416; in Att. generally ἐβάφην [α^] Pl.R.429e, etc.: pf. “βέβαμμαιHdt.7.67, Ar.Pax1176.
I. trans., dip, ὡς δ᾽ ὅτ᾽ ἀνὴρ χαλκεὺς πέλεκυν . . εἰν ὕδατι ψυχρῷ βάπτῃ (so as to temper the red-hot steel) Od.9.392; “β. εἰς ὕδωρPl.Ti.73e, cf. Emp.100.11; “τἄρια θερμῷAr.Ec.216; εἰς μέλι, εἰς κηρόν, Arist.HA 605a29, de An.435a2:—Pass., βαπτόμενος σίδηρος iron in process of being tempered, Plu.2.136a; and of coral, become hard, Dsc.5.121 (s. v. l.).
2. dye, ἔβαψεν . . ξίφος the sword dyed [the robe] red, A.Ch.1011; β. τὰ κάλλη dye the beautiful cloths, Eup.333; “β. ἔρια ὥστ᾽ εἶναι ἁλουργάPl.R.429d; “εἵματα βεβαμμέναHdt.7.67; “τρίχας βάπτεινAP11.68 (Lucill.): abs. in Med., dye the hair, Men.363.4, Nicol.Com.1.33; glaze earthen vessels, Ath.11.480e; of gilding and silvering, Ps.-Democr.Alch.p.46 B.: Com., βάπτειν τινὰ βάμμα Σαρδιανικόν dye one in the [red] dye of Sardes, i. e. give him a bloody coxcomb, Ar. Ach.112; but βέβαπται β. Κυζικηνικόν he has been dyed in the dye of Cyzicus, i. e. is an arrant coward, Id.Pax1176 (v. Sch.).
3. draw water by dipping a vessel, “ἀνθ᾽ ὕδατος τᾷ κάλπιδι κηρία βάψαιTheoc. 5.127; ἀρύταιναν . . ἐκ μέσου βάψασα τοῦ λέβητος ζέοντος ὕδατος draw water by dipping the bucket, Antiph.25, cf. Thphr.Char.9.8; βάψασα ποντίας ἁλός (sc. τὸ τεῦχος) having dipped it so as to draw water from the sea, E.Hec.610.
4. baptize, Arr.Epict.2.9.20 (Pass.).
2. βάψας (sc. τὴν κώπην) Ar.Fr.225. (Cf. O Norse kuefia 'dip'.)
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