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βι^όω ,
A.βιοῖArist.HA558a20; “βιοῦσιDemocr.200, Arist.HA576b2; “βιοῦνE.Fr.238, etc.; part. “βιοῦντεςArist.HA566b24; subj. “βιῶσιEmp.15.2: impf. “ἐβίουνHp.Epid.5.48: fut. “βιώσομαιE.Alc. 784, Ar.Eq.699, Pl.R.344e, Men.Pk.399; later “βιώσωId.Mon.270, App.BC4.119: aor. 1 “ἐβίωσαHdt.1.163, Pl.Phd.113d, X.Oec.4.18, Arist.HA585a21; but in earlier writers aor. 2 is more used, “ὀβίωνIsoc.9.71, Is.3.1 codd.; 3sg. imper. “βιώτωIl.8.429; subj. “βιῶPl.Lg.872c; opt. “βιῴηνId.Ti.89c, v.l. for βιοίη in Id.Grg.512c; inf. “βιῶναιIl.10.174, Aeschin.3.174, etc.; part. “βιούςHdt.9.10, Th.2.53, al.: pf. “βεβίωκαIsoc.15.27 and 28, Pl.Phd.113d, etc.:—Med., “βιόομαιHdt.2.177, Arist.EN1180a17: for aor. Med. v. βιώσκομαι:— Pass., fut. “βιωθήσομαιM.Ant.9.30: pf. βεβίωμαι (v. infr.).—In early writers pres. and impf. are mostly supplied by ζάω: Hom. has only aor. 2:—live, pass one's life (opp. ζάω, live, exist), “βέλτερον ἀπολέσθαι ἕνα χρόνον ἠὲ βιῶναιIl.15.511, cf. 10.174; “ἄλλος μὲν ἀποφθίσθω, ἄλλος δὲ βιώτω8.429; “βίον βιοῦνPl.La.188a, etc.; β. παρανόμως, μετρίως, ἐνδόξως, D.22.24, Lys.16.3, Plu.2.145f: with neut. Pron., ἀπ᾽ αὐτῶν αὐτὸς βεβίωκεν ἄρξομαι . . from the very actions of his own life, D.18.130:—Pass., τὰ σοὶ κἀμοὶ βεβιωμένα the actions of our life, ib.265, cf. Isoc.15.7, Lys.16.1; τὰ πεπραγμένα καὶ βεβ. D.22.53; “τοιούτων ὄντων τῷ βδελυρῷ τούτῳ . . βεβίωταιId.21.151; “ἐπιτηδευμάτων οἷα τούτῳ βεβίωταιId.22.78; γε βεβιωμένος [βίος] Id.19.200; impers., βεβίωταί [μοι] I have lived, Lat. vixi, Cic.Att.12.2.2, 14.21.3: —Med. in act. sense, Hdt.2.177, Arist.EN1180a17.
2. survive, “ἐβίω καυθείςHp.Epid.5.16.—βιόμεσθα (as if from βίομαι) is found h.Ap.528 and 3pl. βίονται Orac. ap. Phleg.Mir.2, cf. βέομαι.
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