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ξεν-ικός , ή, όν, also ός, όν E.Ion722 (lyr.) ; Ion. ξεινικός Hdt.1.77 :—
A.of or for a stranger, of foreign kind, opp. ἀστικός, A.Supp.618 ; “ξ. ἱκτῆρεςE.Cyc.370 (lyr.) ; ξενικά taxes paid by aliens at Athens, “ξ. τελεῖνD.57.34 ; σύσσιτοι ξ., opp. πολιτικοί, Arist.Pol.1314a10 ; -ωτέρας . . γενομένης τῆς βοηθείας more connected with, or dependent upon, foreigners, ib.1257a31 ; τὸ ξ. the class of aliens, ib.1278a7 ; also τὸ ξ. (sc. δικαστήριον) the court in which aliens sued or were sued, ib.1300b24, cf. SIG306.24 (Tegea, iv B. C.), PHal.1.164 (iii B. C.) ; ξ. χαλκός foreign money, PStrassb.103.8 (iii B. C.) ; “ξ. ἀργύριονIG12.313.57, 22.1436.56 ; “ξ. νόμισμαPl.Lg.742b ; “ξ. ἐμπόριονPTeb.5.33 (ii B. C.) ; τὰ ξ. alien property, IG9(1).333.3 (Oeanthea, v B. C.) ; ξ. βοσκήματα, τὰ ξ. τῶν σπερμάτων, Thphr.HP9.20.3, 8.8.1, cf. Pl.R.497b.
b. concerning the status of an alien, δίκα (cf. “ξενία1.3) SIG526.25 (Crete, iii B. C.).
c. in Thessaly, ξ. λύτρωσις manumission which confers non-citizen status, IG9(2).28 : freq. ξενικῇ alone, ἀπελευθεροῦσθαι ξ. ib.14, al.
2. of foreign troops, etc., νῆες ξ. ships furnished by the allies, Th.7.42 ; but usu. of hired troops, “ξ. στρατόςHdt.1.77 ; τὸ ξ., = οἱ ξένοι, a body of mercenaries, Ar.Pl.173, Th.[8.25], X.An.1.2.1, etc. ; “ξενικὸν τρέφεινD.4.24.
3. rarely = ξένιος, hospitable, ξ. θεόςprotector of guests, Pl.Lg.879e ; “ ξ. τράπεζαAeschin.3.224, cf. Dosiad.Hist.1 ; ξενική (sc. φιλία) friendship between host and guest, Arist.EN1156a31. Adv. “-κῶςhospitably, Theopomp.Hist.225.
II. foreign, strange, νόμαια, ἱρά, Hdt.1.135,172 ; τὸ ξ., of laws, their foreign origin or character, Pl.Lg.702c ; “ξ. λόγοιAr.Ach.634 ; ξ. ὀνόματα non-Attic names, Pl.Cra.401c ; “οἶνος ξ.Alex.290, Diph.32.27 ; “δίκαιον τοὺς ξένους πίνειν ξενικόνAlex.230 ; γλῶσσα, λίθος, PGiss.99.9(ii/iii A. D.), POxy.1449.46 (iii A. D.) ; “ἀγνωστότερα καὶ-ώτεραArist. Metaph.995a3 ; of style, unfamiliar, i.e. abounding in unusual words and phrases,ξ. λέξιςId.Rh.1406a15 ; τὸ ξ. ib.1405a8, cf. Po.1458a22. Adv. “-κῶςin non-Attic fashion, Pl.Cra.407b.
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