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ξηρός , ά, όν,
A.dry, opp. ὑγρός, of a dried-up river, Hdt.5.45 ; “χειμάρρους ξηροὺς ὕδατοςArr.An.4.3.2 ; “ἠὴρ ξ.Hdt.2.26 ; “ξ. ἄνεμοςAr. Nu.404 ; “ξηροῖς ἀκλαύτοις ὄμμασινA.Th.696; “ὀμμάτων ξ. κόραιE.Or. 389 ; μέτρα ξ. τε καὶ ὑγρά dry and liquid measures, Pl.Lg.746d ; ὕλη αὔη καὶ ξ. ib.761d ; ξ. γάλα, i.e. ripe cheese, Eust.1001.51 (cf. περίξηρος) ; so τυρὸς ξ., opp. τυρὸς χλωρός, Antiph.133.7, cf. Philox.3.8; ἐν ξηροῖσιν ἐκτρέφειν on solid food, i.e. cereals, E.Ba.277 ; καρπὸς ξ., i.e. cereal, opp. κ. ξύλινος, produce of trees, i. e. fruit, wine, or oil, Pl. Criti.115b ; “ξ. χόρτοςhay, PPetr.3p.181 (iii B.C.) ; φοῖνιξ ξ. dried dates, PSI1.33.14 (ii A.D.); ξ. καρποί, opp. οἶνος, ἔλαιον, Arr.Epict.2.23.5 ; ξ. πυρίαι applications of dry heat, Hp.Acut.21, Archig. ap. Gal. 12.621 ; cf. ξηροπυρία. Adv. “ξηρῶςby the use of dry powder, Hp.Epid. 6.3.13 (s.v.l.).
2. of bodily condition, withered, lean,δέμαςE.El. 239 ; “ξηρὸς ὑπαὶ δείουςTheoc.24.61 ; “ξ. κοιλίηcostive, Hp.Aph.2.20.
3. of the voice, cf. ξηρόφωνος.
II. fasting: hence, generally, austere,τρόποιAr.V.1452 (lyr.); of persons, Antiph.16 ; harsh, opp. ἡδύς, E.Andr.784 (lyr.).
2. metaph., of style, “πραγματεία ἀτερπὴς καὶ ξ.Epicur.Fr.505 (p.358 U.); “τὸ ξ.aridity, Demetr. Eloc.238 ; of critics, “ξηροὶ Καλλιμάχου πρόκυνεςAP11.322 (Antiphan.).
III. as Subst. ξηρά (sc. γῆ), dry land, opp. ὑγρά, X.Oec.19.7 (also Comp. ξηροτέρα γῆ ib.6), cf. Ev.Matt.23.15, etc. ; “τὸ ξηρόνHdt.2.68 ; ναῦς ἐπὶ τοῦ ξηροῦ ποιεῖν to leave the ships aground, Th.1.109 ; “ναῦς ἐς τὸ ξ. ἐξωθεῖνId.8.105 ; τὸ ξ. τοῦ ποταμοῦ the part of its bed left dry, X.Cyr. 7.5.18: for Theoc.1.51 v. ἀκράτιστος.
2. ξηρά, , in a bath-house, room for dry heat, POxy.2145.12 (ii A.D.).
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