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δάκτυ^λος , , poet. pl.
A.δάκτυλαTheoc.19.3, AP9.365 (Jul. Imp.), also Arist.Phgn.810a22: -finger, ἐπὶ δακτύλων συμβάλλεσθαι τοὺς μῆνας to reckon on the fingers, Hdt.6.63; “ μέγας δ.the thumb, Id.3.8, Diog.Apoll.6; “ μέσοςArist.PA687b18; “οἱλιχανοίHp.Art.37; “ ἔσχατοςId.PA687b17: prov., “ἄκρῳ δ. γεύεσθαιProcop.Gaz.Ep. 31; “οὐκ ἄξια ψόφου δακτύλωνClearch.5.
2.οἱ δ. τῶν ποδῶνthe toes, X.An.4.5.12; and, without ποδός, Batr.45, Ar.Eq.874, Arist. HA494a12; “τὸ τῶν δ. μέγεθος ἐναντίως ἔχει ἐπί τε τῶν ποδῶν καὶ τῶν χειρῶνId.PA690a30; μέσος δ. of a monkey, Id.HA502b3; μείζων δ. the great toe, Plu.Pyrrh.3. b. of the toes of beasts, Arist.HA498a34; of birds, Id.PA695a22.
II. a measure of length, finger's breadth, = about 7/10 of an inch, Hdt.1.60, al.; “πώνωμεν, δάκτυλος ἀμέραAlc.41; “δάκτυλος ἀώςAP12.50 (Asclep.): Astron., digit, i.e. twelfth part of the sun's or moon's apparent diameter, Cleom.2.3.
III. metrical foot, dactyl, -^ ^, Pl.R.400b; “ῥυθμὸς κατὰ δάκτυλονAr.Nu.651; δ. κατ᾽ ἵαμβον, diiambus, Aristid. Quint.1.17.
IV. date, fruit of the φοῖνιξ, Arist.Mete.342a10, Artem.5.89.
2. kind of grape, Plin.HN14.15, Colum. 3.2.1.
V. Δάκτυλοι Ἰδαῖοι mythical wizards and craftsmen in Crete (or Phrygia, D.S.17.7), attached to the cult of Rhea Cybele, Hes.Fr. 176, Pherecyd.47 J., S.Fr.364, Str.8.3.30, D.S.5.64, IG12(9).259.22 (Eretria).
b. fossil found in Crete, Plin.HN37.170.
VI. δ. θεοῦ the hand of God, LXX Ex.8.19, cf. Ev.Luc.11.20. (Orig. Δάτκυλος, cf. Boeot. “δακκύλιοςSchwyzer 462B51; δατ- = d[ngnull]t, cf. Skt. a-datkas 'toothless'.)
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