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δέρκομαι (Act. only in Hsch.), Il.11.37, etc.: impf. ἐδερκόμην, Ep.
A.δερκέσκετοOd.5.158: fut. “δέρξομαιAndrom. ap. Gal.6.37: pf. in pres. sense “δέδορκαIl.22.95, Pi.O.1.94, A.Th.103 (lyr.), etc.; also later Prose, Arist.Phgn.808a4, Luc.Herm.20, Icar.6,14: aor. “ἔδρα^κονOd. 10.197, A.Eu.34, E.HF951 (never in S.): aor. part. Pass. “δρακείςPi. P.2.20, N.7.3; “ἐδέρχθηνA.Pr.547 (lyr.); “δέρχθηS.Aj.425 (lyr.), imper. “δέρχθητεA.Pr.93 (lyr.), part. “δερχθείςS.Fr.837; later in med. forms “δέρξατοAPl.4.166 (Even.), “ἐδρακόμηνAP7.224:—see clearly, see, Il.17.675; part. δεδορκώς having sight, opp. τυφλός, S. OT454, cf. El.66: hence, alive, living,ζῶντος καὶ ἐπὶ χθονὶ δερκομένοιοIl.1.88, cf. Od.16.439; δρακεῖσ᾽ ἀσφαλές since she lives in safety, Pi.P.2.20; “ἀλαοῖσι καὶ δεδορκόσιA.Eu.322 (lyr.); “δεδορκότ᾽S.El.66: freq. with neut. Adj., δεινόν, σμερδαλέον δ., look terrible, Il.3.342, 22.95, etc.; “δεινὰ . . ὀφθαλμοῖς δρακεῖνA.Eu.34; “φόνια δ.Ar.Ra.1337 (lyr.): c. acc. cogn., πῦρ ὀφθαλμοῖσι δεδορκώς flashing fire from his eyes, Od.19.446; “Ἄρη δεδορκότωνA.Th.53; but “σκότον δεδ.blind, E.Ph.377.
2. c. acc. objecti, look on or at, Il.13.86, etc.; “τί . . ἥδιον δρ.;A.Ag.602; “ἐδέρχθης ὀλιγοδρανίανId.Pr.547; so “δ. εἴς τιναHes. Sc.169, E.HF951; “κατά τιA.Pr.679; descry, perceive, Od.10.197, E. Andr.545; “κτύπον δέδορκαA.Th.103(lyr.).
b. look with favour on, of Destiny, Pi.P.3.85.
II. of light, flash, gleam, like the eye, δέδορκεν φάος, φέγγος, Id.N.3.84, 9.41; δεδορκὸς βλέπειν to be keen-eyed, Chrysipp.Stoic.3.198; “τὸ σφοδρὸν καὶ δεδορκόςPlu.2.15b. (Cf. Skt. dadárśa 'have seen', dṛ[snull ]tás 'seen'; prop. not merely of sight, but of sharp sight, cf. A.Supp.409, S.Aj.85.—Poet. and later Prose.)
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