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δεῦρο (Aeol. δεῦρυ Hdn. Gr.2.933, who read δεύρω in Il.3.240), strengthd. in Att. δευρί Ar.Nu.323, And.2.10: sts. written δεῦρε in Att. Inscrr., as IG12.900: late δευρεί Stud.Pal.10.7.6 (iv/v A. D.). Adv.:
I. of Place, hither, with all Verbs of motion, Il.1.153, etc.: strengthd., “δ. τόδ᾽ ἵκωOd.17.444, cf. Il.14.309; in pregn. sense with Verbs of rest, to [have come hither and] be here,δ. παρέστης3.405; “πάρεστι δ . . . ὅδεS.OC1253; “τὰ τῇδε καὶ τὰ δεῦρο πάντ᾽ ἀνασκόπειAr.Th.666: with Art., “μακρὸν τὸ δ. πέλαγοςS.OC663; τῆς δ. ὁδοῦ ib.1165; “τὸ τῇδε καὶ τὸ κεῖσε καὶ τὸ δ.Ar.Av.426, cf. E.Ph. 266, [315]; “δ. ἐλθώνPl.Tht.143a.
b. later, here, τὰ δ., = sensible objects, Arist.Metaph.991b30; “τὰ σώματα τὰ δ.Id.Cael.269b15; “τὰ δ. κακάMax.Tyr.14.7.
2. used as Interjection, come on! in Hom. with 2sg. imper. (δεῦτε (q. v.) being used with pl.), “ἄγε δ.Il.11.314; “δ. ἄγεOd.8.145; “δ. ἴθιIl.3.130; “δ. ἴτω7.75; “δ. ὄρσοOd.22.395: later with 2pl. imper., “δ. ἴτεA.Eu.1041(lyr.); “δ. ἕπεσθεE.HF 724.
b. with 1pl. subj., δεῦρο, φίλη, λέκτρονδε τραπείομεν come let us . ., Od.8.292, cf. Il.17.120, al.; later in this sense with imper., καί μοι δ. εἰπέ here now, tell me, Pl.Ap.24c; δεῦρό σου δτέψω κάρα come let me . ., E.Ba.341.
d. later, go away! LXX 4 Ki.3.13.
II. of Time, until now, hitherto, Trag. (v. infr.) and Prose, Pl.Ti.21d; “μέχρι τοῦ δ.Th.3.64, Onos.Praef.7, PLond. 2.358.16 (ii A.D.); μέχριδεύρου (sic) PGen.47.8 (iv A. D.); “εἰς τὴν δ.Hld.1.19; “ἐξ ἕω μέχρι δ.Pl.Lg.811c; “δεῦρ᾽ ἀείE.Med.670, Ion 56, etc.; paratrag. in Ar.Lys.1135; “δεῦρό γ᾽ ἀείA.Eu.596.
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