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δίκη [ι^], ,
A.custom, usage, αὕτη δ. ἐστὶ βροτῶν this is the way of mortals, Od.11.218; “ γὰρ δ. ἐστὶ γερόντων24.255, etc.; “ τ᾽ ἐστὶ δ. θείων βασιλήων4.691; “ γὰρ δμώων δ. ἐστίν14.59, etc.; γὰρ δ., ὁππότε . . this is always the way, when . . , 19.168 (so in late Prose, “ἥπερ ἱππομαχίας δ.Arr.An.3.15.2); δίκαν ἐφέπειν τινός to imitate him, Pi.P.1.50; δ. ἐπέχειν τινός to be like . . , Anon.Lond.6.18; normal course of nature,ἐκ τουτέων θάνατος οὐ γίνεται κατά γε δίκην, οὐδ᾽ ἢν γένηταιHp.VC3: hence,
2. adverb. in acc. δίκην, in the way of, after the manner of, c. gen., “λύκοιοPi.P.2.84; “πώλουS. Fr.659; “τοξότουPl.Lg.705e; in later Prose, Arist.Mu.395b22, Luc. Dem.Enc.31, Alciphr.1.6, etc.: mostly of living creatures or persons, but also of things, as δίκην ὕδατος, ἀγγείου, A.Th.85 (lyr.), Pl. Phdr.235d.
II. order, right, μή τι δίκης ἐπιδευές nothing short of what is fit, Il.19.180; opp. βία, might, 16.388; opp. σχέτλια ἔργα, Od.14.84; personified, Hes.Th.902, A.Th.662, etc.; “Δίκης βωμόςId.Ag.383 (lyr.), Eu.539 (lyr.); Truth, Pi.P.8.71.
3. Adverb. usages, “δίκῃduly, rightly, Il.23.542, Pl.Criti.112e; “ἐν δίκᾳPi.O.6.12, cf.S.Tr.1069, etc.; “σὺν δίκῃThgn.197, Pi.P.9.96, A.Th.444, etc.; “κατὰ δίκηνHdt. 7.35, E.Tr.888, etc.; “μετὰ δίκηςPl.Lg.643e; “πρὸς δίκηςS.OT1014, El.1211 (but πρὸς δίκας on the score of justice, Id.OC546 (lyr.)); “διαὶ δίκαςA.Ch.641; “ἐκ δίκηςHerod.4.77: opp. “παρὰ δίκανPi.O.2.18, etc.; “ἄνευ δίκηςA.Eu.554; “πέρα δίκηςId.Pr.30; “βίᾳ δίκηςId.Supp.430 (lyr.); δίχα δίκης without trial, Plu.Ages.32; πρὸ δίκης in preference to legal proceedings, Th.1.141.
IV. after Hom., of proceedings instituted to determine legal rights, hence,
1. lawsuit, Pl.Euthphr.2a, D.18.210, etc.; prop. private suit or action, opp. γραφή (q. v.), Lys.1.44, etc.; “ἐκαλοῦντο αἱ γραφαὶ δίκαι, οὐ μέντοι αἱ δίκαι καὶ γραφαίPoll.8.41; οἱ δίκην ἔχοντες the parties to a suit, IG7.21.8 (Megara), cf. Plu.Cic. 17.
2. trial of the case, “πρὸ δίκηςIs.5.10, etc.; “μέχρι τοῦ δίκην γενέσθαιTh.2.53; court by which it was tried, “ἐν ὑμῖν ἐστι καὶ τῇ δίκῃAntipho 6.6.
b. δίκην εἰπεῖν to plead a cause, X.Mem.4.8.1; “δ. μακρὰν λέγεινAr.V.776, cf. Men.Epit.12.
3. the object or consequence of the action, atonement, satisfaction, penalty, δίκην ἐκτίνειν, τίνειν, Hdt.9.94, S.Aj.113: adverbially in acc., “τοῦ δίκην πάσχεις τάδε;A.Pr.614; freq. δίκην or δίκας διδόναι suffer punishment, i. e. make amends (but δίκας δ., in A.Supp.703 (lyr.), to grant arbitration); “δίκας διδόναι τινί τινοςHdt.1.2, cf. 5.106; “ἔμελλε τῶνδέ μοι δώσειν δίκηνS.El.538, etc.; also ἀντί or ὑπέρ τινος, Ar.Pl. 433, Lys.3.42; also δίκην διδόναι ὑπὸ θεῶν to be punished by . . , Pl. Grg.525b; but δίκας ἤθελον δοῦναι they consented to submit to trial, Th.1.28; δίκας λαμβάνειν sts. = δ. διδόναι, Hdt.1.115; “δίκην ἀξίαν ἐλάμβανεςE.Ba.1312, Heracl.852; more freq. its correlative, inflict punishment, take vengeance, Lys.1.29, etc.; “λαβεῖν δίκην παρά τινοςD.21.92, cf.9.2, etc.; so δίκην ἔχειν to have one's punishment, Antipho 3.4.9, Pl.R.529c (but ἔχω τὴν δ. have satisfaction, Id.Ep.319e; “παρά τινοςHdt.1.45); δίκας or δίκην ὑπέχειν stand trial, Id.2.118, cf. S. OT552; “δίκην παρασχεῖνE.Hipp.50; θανάτου δίκην ὀφλεῖν ὑπό τινος to incur the death penalty, Pl.Ap.39b; “δίκας λαγχάνειν τινίD.21.78; δίκης τυχεῖν παρά τινος ib.142; δίκην ὀφείλειν, ὀφλεῖν, Id.21.77, 47.63; “ἐρήμην ὀφλεῖν τὴν δ.Antipho 5.13; δίκην φεύγειν try to escape it, be the defendant in the trial (opp. διώκειν prosecute), D. 38.2; δίκας αἰτέειν demand satisfaction, τινός for a thing, Hdt.8.114; “δ. ἐπιτιθέναι τινίId.1.120; τινός for a thing, Antipho 4.1.5; “δίκαι ἐπιφερόμεναιArist.Pol.1302b24; “δίκας ἀφιέναι τινίD.21.79; δίκας ἑλεῖν, v. ἔρημος 11; δίκην τείσασθαι, v. τίνω 11; “δὸς δὲ δίκην καὶ δέξο παρὰ Ζηνίh.Merc.312; δίκας διδόναι καὶ λαμβάνειν παρ᾽ ἀλλήλων, of communities, submit causes to trial, Hdt.5.83; “δίκην δοῦναι καὶ λαβεῖν ἐν τῷ δήμῳX.Ath.1.18, etc.; δίκας δοῦναι καὶ δέξασθαι submit differences to a peaceful settlement, Th.5.59.
V. Pythag. name for three, Plu.2.381f, Theol.Ar.12; for five, ib.31. (Cf. Skt. diś-, diśā 'direction', 'quarter of the heavens'.)
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