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διαφθείρω , fut.
A.-φθερῶS.OT438, etc., Ep. “-φθέρσωIl.13.625: pf. “διέφθαρκαE.Med.226, Pl.Ap.30d, etc.; also διέφθορα (v. infr. 111):— Pass., fut. “διαφθα^ρήσομαιTh.4.37; Ion. “διαφθερέομαιHdt.8.108, 9.42: 3pl. plpf. “διεφθάρατοId.8.90:—destroy utterly,πόλινIl.13.625; “ἔργα διαφθείρεσκεHdt.1.36; make away with, kill,τινάId.9.88, etc.; destroy, ruin, ἥδ᾽ ἡμέρα φύσει σε καὶ διαφθερεῖ S.l.c.; “τὴν τύχηνId.Ph.1069; δ. χεῖρα weaken, slacken one's hand, E.Med.1055; spoil, break,ὑγιῆ λίθονIG7.3073.33 (Lebad., ii B.C.); “τὰ θυρώματα διεφθάρθαιIG22.1046.11; δ. τὴν συνουσίαν break up the party, Pl.Prt. 338d.
2. in moral sense, corrupt, ruin,γνώμηνA.Ag.932; δ. τοὺς νέους, τοὺς νεωτέρους, Pl.Ap.30b, 25a; “νεανίσκον συνὼν δ.Eup. 337; esp. corrupt by bribes, Hdt.5.51; “ἀργυρίῳ δ. τινάLys.28.9; “διαφθειρομένων ἐπὶ χρήμασιD.18.45; δ. γυναῖκα seduce a woman, Lys.1.16, etc., cf. E.Ba.318 (Pass.); δ. τοὺς νόμους falsify, counterfeit them, Isoc.18.11; “γραμματεῖονId.17.33 (Pass., ib.24); “τὰ φεφ αδηκόταIG9(1).334.37 (Locr., V. B.C.).
3. οὐδὲν διαφθείρας τοῦ χρώματος having changed nothing of his colour, Pl.Phd.117b.
4. of a woman, to lose by miscarriage or premature birth, ἔμβρυα, βρέφος, Hp.Aph.5.53, Plu.2.242c: abs., miscarry, Hp.Epid.7.73, Is.8.36:—Pass., “τῶν διαφθαρεισῶν τὰ ἔμβρυαHp.Mul.1.72.
5. lose, forget, E.Hipp.389.
6. = διάγω, dub. in Id.Fr.280.
II. Pass., to be destroyed, δ. ἐπὶ τοῖς ἱματίοις to be murdered for the clothes he wore, Antipho 2.2.5; of animals, freq. in Pap., POxy.74.14 (ii A.D.), etc.; esp. to be crippled, disabled, Hdt.1.34; of ships, ib.166, And.1.142; to be spoilt,γάλαBGU1109.11 (i B.C.), cf. Th.7.84; to be corrupted,αἷμαGal.15.297, al.; “τὴν ἀκοὴν διεφθαρμένοςdeaf, Hdt.1.38; τὰ σκέλεα διεφθάρησαν had their legs broken, Id.8.28; “διέφθαρμαι δέμας τὸ πᾶνS.Tr.1056; “τὰ ὄμματα δ.blinded, Pl.R.517a; “σὰς φρέναςE.Hel.1192; τὸ φρενῶν διαφθαρέν, = φρενοβλάβεια, Id.Or.297, cf. X.Cyr.4.1.8: abs., διεφθαρμένος decomposed, of a corpse, Pl.R. 614b.
III. pf. διέφθορα intr., to have lost one's wits,διέφθοραςIl. 15.128; also in Hp., διεφθορὸς αἷμα corrupted blood, Mul.2.134; freq. in later Prose, “γάλα δ. ἤδηJ.AJ5.5.4; “τὰ δ. σώματαPlu.2.87c, cf. 128e, Luc.Sol.3, etc.; but,
2. in Trag. and Com. always trans. (cf. Ammon.42, Moer.127), “τὰς . . ἐλπίδας διέφθορενS.El.306; “τὰς φρένας διέφθορε . . μοναρχίαE.Hipp.1014; “τὸν λόγον δ.Cratin. 292, cf. Eup. l.c., Pherecr.145.15, Ar.Fr.490, Men.3.
IV. aor. διέφθειρα intr., became corrupt, LXXJd.2.19.
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