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διατάσσω , Att. διά-ττω , pf.
A.διατέτα^χαBGU1151.6 (i B. C.), prob. in OGI326.27 (Teos):—appoint or ordain severally, dispose,εὖ δὲ ἕκαστα ἀθανάτοις διέταξεHes.Th.74; “ἀνθρώποισι νόμον δ.Id.Op.276; appoint to separate offices,δ. τοὺς μὲν οἰκίας οἰκοδομέειν, τοὺς δὲ δορυφόρους εἶναιHdt.1.114; “δ. τι εἶναιPl.Ti.45b; “τίνας εἶναι χρεὼν τῶν ἐπιστημῶν . . πολιτικὴ δ.Arist.EN1094b1: abs., make arrangements,πρὸς τὸ συμπῖπτον ἀεὶ δ.X.Cyr.8.5.16:—Med., arrange for oneself, classify, Pl.Phdr.271b; “τινὶ περί τινοςPlb.5.21.1; undertake, pledge oneself, πρός τινα c. fut. inf., ib.14.11; also in act. sense, “περὶ θυσιῶνOGI331.53(Pergam.):—Pass., to be appointed, constituted, Pl.Lg.932a; παρὰ τὰ -τεταγμένα contrary to orders, BGU1022.17 (ii A. D.): c. inf., v.l. in Hdt.1.110: c. acc., “δ. γῆνto be appointed to cultivate, POxy.899.22 (200 A. D.).
2. esp. draw up an army, set in array, Hdt.6.107, Th.4.103; “διέταξε χωρὶς ἑκάστους εἶναιHdt.1.103:—Med., “διαταξάμενοιposting themselves in battle-order, Ar.V. 360, Th.8.104, X.HG7.1.20:—pf. Pass., “διατετάχθαιto be in battleorder, Hdt.7.178, Th.4.31; “διετέτακτοHdt.6.112 (but in med. sense, J.AJ12.5.4).
II. Med., make teslamentary dispositions,περί τινοςPlu.2.1129a; order by will, c. inf., AP11.133 (Lucill.); bequeath, BGU1151.6 (i B. C.):—Pass., to be bequeathed, PFay.97.13 (i A. D.).
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