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δι^δάσκω , Ep.inf. -έμεναι and -έμεν, Il.9.442, 23.308: fut.
A.διδάξωA. Supp.519, etc.: aor. “ἐδίδαξαIl.23.307, etc.; poet. “ἐδιδάσκησαh.Cer. 144 (prob.), Hes.Op.64, Pi.P.4.217: pf. “δεδίδαχαX.Cyr.1.3.18, Pl. Men.85e:—Med., fut. διδάξομαι: aor. ἐδιδαξάμην:—Pass., fut. “διδαχθήσομαιD.H.3.70, etc.: aor. “ἐδιδάχθηνSol.13.51, Hdt.3.81, Ar.Nu. 637, etc.: pf. “δεδίδαγμαιIl.11.831, Pl.Phdr.269c, etc. Redupl. form of δάω (q.v.) in causal sense:—instruct a person, or teach a thing, Il. 11.832, 9.442: c. dupl. acc., σε . . ἱπποσύνας ἐδίδαξαν they taught thee riding, 23.307, cf. Od.8.481; “πολλὰ διδάσκει μ᾽ πολὺς βίοτοςE. Hipp.252 (lyr.), etc.; also “δ. τινὰ περί τινοςAr.Nu.382; “δ. τῶν γενομένων τισὶ τὴν ἀλήθειανPl.Tht.201b: c. acc. pers. et inf., σε διδάσκουσιν θεοὶ αὐτοὶ ὑψαγόρην ἔμεναι teach thee to be . ., Od.1.384: c. inf. only, δίδαξε γὰρ Ἄρτεμις αὐτὴ βάλλειν ἄγρια πάντα she taught how to shoot, Il.5.51, etc.: without inf., “πολλοὶ τοὺς υἱοὺς ῥήτορας διδάσκουσινAristonym. ap. Stob.3.4.105; “δ. πολλοὺς αὐλητάςCharon 9; “τούτους ἱππέας ἐδίδαξεν οὐδενὸς χείρουςPl.Men.94b; also “δ. τινὰ σοφόνE.Heracl.575: with an abstract subject, “πολυμαθίη νόον οὐ διδάσκειHeraclit.40; “ξενιτείη αὐτάρκειαν δ.Democr.246:—Med., teach oneself, learn,φθέγμα καὶ ἀστυνόμους ὀργὰς ἐδιδάξατοS.Ant. 356 (lyr.); but usu., have one taught or educated, esp. of a father, “τὰ ἄλλα . . διδάσκεσθαι τοὺς ὑεῖςPl.Prt.325b; “δ. τοὺς ὑεῖς τὰς κούφας ἐργασίαςArist.Pol.1321a24: c. inf., “δ. τινὰ ἱππεύεινPl.R.467e; “δ. τινα ἱππέαId.Men.93d, cf. X.Mem.4.4.5 (this distn. between Act. and Med. was neglected by some Poets and late Prose writers, Med. being used like Act. in Pi.O.8.59, Luc.Somn.10, etc.; but in Ar.Nu.783 Elmsl. restored διδάξαιμ᾽ ἄν σ᾽ ἔτι for διδαξαίμην σ᾽ ἔτι, and in Pl.R.421e Cobet cj. διδάξει for -εται: Med. is used of gods, [“θεοί] . . ὅπλων χρῆσιν διδαξάμενοιId.Mx.238b):—Pass., to be taught, learn, c. gen., διδασκόμενος πολέμοιο trained, skilled in war, Il. 16.811: c. acc., τά σε προτί φασιν Ἀχιλλῆος δεδιδάχθαι which [medicines] they say thou wert taught by Achilles, 11.831, cf. Arat.529; “ὃς οὔτ᾽ ἐδιδάχθη οὔτε εἶδε καλὸν οὐδένHdt.3.81; “διδάξω καὶ διδάξομαι λόγουςE.Andr.739: freq. c. inf., “δεδιδαγμένον εἶναι χειροήθεαHdt.2.69; “βρέφος διδάσκεται λέγειν ἀκούειν θ᾽E.Supp.914; διδάσκεσθαι ὡς . . X. HG2.3.45.
2. c. gen., indicate, give sign of,χειμῶνος συναγειρομένοιοArat.793, cf. 734.
III. of dithyrambic and dramatic Poets (cf. “διδάσκαλος11), δ. διθύραμβον, δρᾶμα, produce a piece, Hdt.1.23, 6.21; “ΠέρσαςAr.Ra.1026, cf. Pl.Prt.327d, IG12.770, al.:—Med., διδάξασθαι χορόν train one's own chorus, Simon.145.
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