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δράω (A), Aeol. 3pl.
A.δραῖσιAlc.Supp.27.11, subj. δρῶ, δρᾷς, δρᾷ, opt. δρῴην, Ep. “δρώοιμιOd.15.317; παρα-δρώωσι ib.324: impf. ἔδρων: fut. δράσω: aor. 1 ἔδρα_σα, Ion. “ἔδρησαThgn.954: pf. δέδρα_κα:—Pass., aor. 1 ἐδράσθην, δρασθείς, Th.3.38, 6.53: pf. δέδρα_μαι δεδρασμένων is f. l. in Id.3.54):—do, accomplish, esp. do some great thing, good or bad (acc. to some δ. was the equiv. Dor. Verb for Att. πράττειν, Arist.Po.1448b1), “αἶψά κεν εὖ δρώοιμι μετὰ σφίσιν ἅσσ᾽ ἐθέλοιενOd.15.317 (where the Sch. interprets it διακονοίην, δουλεύοιμι I would serve . . , cf. δρήστης)“; ἄνδρες δραῖσιν ἀτάσθαλοιAlc. l. c.; opp. πάσχω, freq. in Trag., “εὖ δρῶσαν, εὖ πάσχουσανA.Eu. 868; “ἄξια δράσας ἄξια πάσχωνId.Ag.1527; “κακῶς δράσαντες οὐκ ἐλάσσονα πάσχουσιId.Pers.813; of one in extreme perplexity, “τί πάθω; τί δὲ δρῶ;Id.Th.1062, cf.Ch.899; “δρῶν ἀντιπάσχω χρηστάS.Ph.584; prov., "“δράσαντι παθεῖν" τριγέρων μῦθος τάδε φωνεῖA.Ch.313; “δράσαντι γάρ τοι καὶ παθεῖν ὀφείλεταιId.Fr.456, cf. S.OT1272; τά γ᾽ ἔργα μου πεπονθότα . . μᾶλλον δεδρακότα acts of suffering rather than of doing, Id.OC267; δρῶν the doer, whoever he be, A.Ag.1359, etc.; δράσας the culprit, Pl.Lg.879a, cf. S.Tr.1108; “ δεδρακώςId.OT246, D.23.40; used to avoid repetition of a verb, Th.2.49, al.: c. dupl. acc., “οἷ᾽ ἔργ᾽ παῖς μ᾽ ἔδρασενS.Ph.940, cf. OC854, etc.: with Adv., εὖ, κακῶς δρᾶν τινά, do one a good or ill turn, Thgn.108, S.Aj.1154; “δρᾶν τι εἴς τιναId.OC976; “τί τινιId.OT1402; πάντα δρᾶν try every way, cj. in E.Hipp.284; παντὸς εἶχε δρῶντος ἡδονήν was satisfied with the doing, S.OC1604; τὰ δρώμενα what is doing or being done, ib.1644, cf. D.C.37.57: sg., “τὸ δρώμενονS.El.40, Th.5.102; τί δράσω; to express helplessness or despair, S.Aj.920, etc.; for οἶσθ᾽ οὖν δρᾶσον; v. Εἴδω fin.
2. of things, “τουτὶ τί δρᾷ τὸ ποτήριον;Ar.Eq.237; “ὅπερ λίθος δρᾷ τὸν σίδηρονLuc.Im.1: so, generally, to be active,εἰς ἄλληλα πάσχειν καὶ δ.Chrysipp.Stoic.2.135, cf. Prisc.Lyd.4.10.
II. offer sacrifice or perform mystical rites,δ. τὰ ἱεράIG12.4, cf. 188, Ath.14.660a, Paus.1.43.2, Iamb.Myst. 1.21, etc.:—Pass., “τὰ δρώμεναGal.UP7.14, Sopat. in Rh.8.1 W., etc.; “τὰ δημοσίᾳ δρώμεναPlu.Num.9.
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