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ἑλίσσω or ἐλίσσω (the latter more freq. in codd. of Hom.), Att. ἑλιξό-ττω , Ep. inf.
A.-έμενIl.23.309; Ion. εἰλίσσω or εἱλίσσω (εἱ. is found in codd. of Hdt. (v. infr.), but “κατ-ελίσσεινHp.Acut.(Sp.37, “κατειλίξαιId.Morb.2.18, al.): fut. “ἑλίξωE.Ph.711: aor. “εἴλιξαPl.Ti.73a (εἵλ- codd., but “κατ-ειλίξαςIG22.204.32); part. “ἑλίξαςIl.23.466, Ion. “εἰλίξαςHdt.4.34:—Med., Il.23.320: fut. “ἑλίξομαι17.728: aor. “ἑλιξάμην12.467,17.283:—Pass.,fut. “ἑλιγήσομαιLXXIs.34.4: aor.1 “εἱλίχθηνE.Or.358; part. “ἑλιχθείςIl.12.74: pf. “εἵλιγμαιHes.Th.791, “ἐλήλιγμαιPaus.10.17.12: plpf. “εἵλικτοE.HF927; Ion. 3pl. “εἱλίχατοHdt.7.90. —The Ion. form is found in Trag. (v. infr., codd. usu. εἱλ-; but τ᾽ εἰ.A.Pr.138 (lyr., cod. Med.), cf.Ar.Ra.1314,1348 (cod. Rav.)), in IG l.c., and codd. of Pl. (as Ti.l.c., “ἀν-ειλίττωνPhlb.15e); ἐπειλίξας is f.l. in D.23.161. (ϝελ-, ἐϝελ-, cf. εἴλω, ἐλελίζω ad fin.):—turn round or about: Act. in Hom. always of turning a chariot round the doublingpost, οἶσθα γὰρ εὖ περὶ τέρματ᾽ ἐλισσέμεν [ἵππους] Il.23.309,cf.466.
2. generally, roll, . βίου πόρον roll life's stream along, Pi.I.8(7).15; of the chariot of Day, “αἰθὴρ κοινὸν φάος εἱλίσσωνA.Pr.1092 (anap.); “ἥλιος . . εἱλίσσων φλόγαE.Ph.3; εἰ. κόνιν roll the eddying dust, A.Pr. 1085 (anap.); . δίνας, of the Euripus, E.IT7, cf.1103 (lyr.); . κόρας, βλέφαρα, Id.HF868 (troch.), Or.1266(lyr.).
3. of any rapid motion, ἅλιον . . . πλάταν ply it swiflly, S.Aj.358 (lyr.); of the dance, . πόδα move the swift foot, cj. in E.Or.171 (lyr.), cf.IA215(lyr.); εἱ. θιάσους lead the dancing bands, Id.IT1145 (lyr.); “. χορούςStratt.66.5: abs., dance, E.Ph.234 (lyr.), cf. Or.1292 (whence . τινά dance in honour of . ., Id.HF690 (lyr.), IA1480 (lyr.)); . βωμόν dance round it, Call. Del.321.
5. metaph., turn in one's mind, revolve, τοιαῦθ᾽ . S.Ant.231, cf. Pl.Epin.978d; “μῆτινA.R.1.463; . κακοὺς λόγους speak wily words, E.Or.892.
6. κόλπους . form winding reaches, of rivers, D.P.630; “ἀγκῶναςId.979.
II. Med. and Pass., turn oneself round or about (but in Il. 12.49 εἱλίσσεθ᾽ ἑταίρους (as read by Nicanor) rallied his comrades), ἑλιχθέντων ὑπ᾽ Ἀχαιῶν when they turned to face the foe, ib.74, cf. 408; so of a wild boar, ἑλιξάμενος having turned to bay, 17.283; of a serpent, coil himself, “ἑλισσόμενος περὶ χειῇ22.95; δέ τ᾽ ἐλισσομένη πέτεται (sc. καλαῦροψ) the shepherd's staff flies spinning through the air, 23.846; κνίση . . ἑλισσομένη περὶ καπνῷ rolling with the smoke, 1.317; ἑλισσόμενοι περὶ δίνας whirled round in the eddies, 21.11; of a river, “δίνῃς ἀργυρέῃς εἱλιγμένοςHes.Th.791, cf. D.S.1.32; of the waves, “τὸ ἑλισσόμενον αἰεὶ κυμάτωνPi.N.6.55; of ocean, “ἑλίσσεσθαι περὶ πᾶσαν χθόναA.Pr.138; ὧραι ἑλισσόμεναι the circling hours, Pi. O.4.3.
2. turn hither and thither, go about, “ἀν᾽ ὅμιλονIl.12.49; καθ᾽ ὅμιλον ib.467; ἑλίσσετο ἔνθα καὶ ἔνθα turned himself hither and thither, doubting what to do, Od.20.24.
3. metaph., to be constantly in or about a thing, “περὶ φύσαςIl.18.372; ἔν τινι, εἴς τι, Pl.Tht. 194b, Porph. ap. Eus.PE3.4: c. gen., μέλιτός τε καὶ ἔργων εἱλίσσονται (sc. μέλισσαι) Arat.1030.
4. whirl in the dance, E.Ba.569 (lyr.),IA 1055 (lyr.).
5. Med. in act. sense, ἧκε δέ μιν σφαιρηδὸν ἑλιξάμενος he threw it with a whirl like a ball, Il.13.204.
6. τὰς κεφαλὰς εἱλίχατο μίτρῃσι have their heads rolled round with turbans, Hdt.7.90.
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