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ἐφάπτ-ω , Ion. ἐπάπτω ,
A.bind on or to, πότμον ἐφάψαις ὀρφανόν having fixed it as his doom, Pi.O.9.60; τί δ᾽ . . ἐγὼ λύουσ᾽ ἂν 'φάπτουσα προσθείμην πλέον; what should I gain by undoing or by making fast [Creon's command]? v.l. in S.Ant.40; ἔγνω . . τοὔργον κατ᾽ ὀργὴν ὡς ἐφάψειεν τόδε he knew that she had made fast (i.e. perpetrated) the deed, Id.Tr.933:—Pass., 3sg. pf. and plpf. ἐφῆπται, -το, is or was hung over one, fixed as one's fate or doom, c. dat. pers., “Τρώεσσι κήδἐ ἐφῆπταιIl.2.15, cf. 6.241; “Τρώεσσιν ὀλέθρου πείρατ᾽ ἐφῆπται7.402, cf. Od.22.41; ἐφῆπτο ib.33; “ἀθανάτοισιν ἔρις καὶ νεῖκος ἐφῆπταιIl.21.513.
b. Geom., touch, Euc. 3 Def.3, etc.; in Arist., of a circle, pass through angular points, Mete. 376b9; of a point, lie on a circle as locus, ib.376a6.
c. as lawterm, c.gen., claim as one's property, S.OC859, Pl.Lg.915c, GDI1883.17 (Delph.), Milet.3 No.140.29: c. dat., GDI1780.8 (Delph.).
d. generally, lay violent hands upon, τοίχου, ἱματίου, Pl.R.574d.
2. lay hold of or reach with the mind, attain to, “τοῦ ἀληθοῦςId.Smp. 212a; . τινὸς μνήμῃ, αἰσθήσει, Id.Phdr.253a, Phd.65d; “. ἀμφοῖν τῇ ψυχῇId.Tht.190c (c. acc., dub. in Lg.664e); . λόγων touch upon, meddle with, Pi.O.9.12; “ζητημάτωνPl.Lg.891c; apply oneself to, “ἐξηγήσεωςGal.16.558.
5. follow, come next, f.l. for ἐφεψάσθω, Theoc.9.2.
III. Pass., to be kindled: hence, blush, Id.14.23.
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