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ἐπι-σημαίνω , Dor.ἐπι-σα_μαίνω SIG953.31 (Calymna, ii B.C.):—
A.mark, γράμματα Aen. Tact.31.3 (Med.):—Med., seal, μαρτυρίας τᾷ δαμοσίᾳ σφραγῖδι SIG l.c.:— Pass., to have a mark set on one, κἀπισημανθήσεται κείνου κεκλῆσθαιλαόςE.Ion1593.
2.. of a disease, τῶν ἀκρωτηρίων ἀντίληψις αὐτοῦ ἐπεσήμαινεν the seizure of his extremities set a mark upon him, Th.2.49:—Pass., ἢν ἅπαξ ἐπισημανθῇ if once he has the mark of the disease upon him, Hp.Morb.Sacr.8.
b.. indicate as a symptom, πολλὰ τοῦνοσώδουςPhilostr.Gym.30: as a weather-sign, “αὐχμούςId.Her.2.9:—Pass., show symptoms of disease, Gal.14.661.
III.. intr., give signs, appear as a symptom in a case, Hp.Epid.1.18; ἄρθρον. συντεταμένονId.Art.30; of puberty, show itself, Arist.GA727a8, 728b24; of weather-signs, indicate a change of weather, Thphr.Sign. 10, etc.; of omens, “τῷ Ῥώμῳ γῦπες . ἕξD.H.1.86, etc.; “εἰς τὸ δημόσιονPaus.3.12.7; of the gods, δαιμόνιον αὐτοῖς . D.S.19.103, cf. 5.3, Plu. Num.22, Sull.14: impers., ἐπισημαίνει symptoms appear, Arist.HA 572b32; “. περὶ τοὺς μαστούςId.GA728b29.
IV.. Med. (pf. Med. in act. sense, Phld.Mus.p.82 K., Ir.p.5 W., aor. Pass., Id.Rh.1.58S., al.), assign as a distinguishing mark, “μίαν τινὰ φύσινPl.Phlb.25a, cf. Plt.258c; distinguish, “τί βούλομαιId.Lg.744a; ἐάν τε ἰάσιμος ἐάν τεἀνίατος δοκῇ εἶναιId.Grg.526b: abs., D.S.13.28; τοσοῦτον -σημηναμένους having added so much by way of explanation, Gal.17(1).800.
3.. set one's name and seal to a thing (in token of approbation), ἐπισημαίνεσθαι τὰςεὐθύναςD.18.250: generally, applaud, signify approval, Isoc.12. 2, Aeschin.2.49, Men.Phasm.Fr.I, etc.: rarely in bad sense, disapprove, M.Ant.6.20, App.BC5.15; of a historian, Plb.2.61.1.
4.. distinguish by reward or punishments, “ἐπισημαίνεσθαί τινα δώροιςId.6.39.6; “τοὺς μὲν χάρισι, τοὺς δὲ κολάσεσινId.Fr.148; τὰ καλὰτῶν ἔργωνOGI116.13 (Delos, ii B.C.), cf. 51.12 (Ptolemais, iii B.C.).
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