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ἐπιτείνω , Ion. iterat.
2. stretch as on a frame, tighten, screw up, esp. of musical strings, “. τὰς χορδάςPl.Ly.209b ; “ὥσπερ λύραν . ἕως ἂν ἁρμόσῃMacho 2.9:— Pass., “χορδαὶ -όμεναιArist.Pr.920b3, cf. GA787b13, Pl.Phd.98c.
b. of sounds, raise them to a higher pitch,. τὸν φθόγγον καὶ ὀξὺ φθέγγεσθαιArist.Phgn.807a15, cf. 806b27 (Pass.) ; of pitch accent, Phld.Po. 2.18 (Pass.).
c. metaph., increase in intensity, augment, heighten,ἡδονάςPl.Lg.645d ; “τὰ τιμήματα . ἀνιέναιArist.Pol.1308b4 ; “τὰ [τῆς ψυχῆς] γυμνάσιαPl.R.498b ; “. [τὴν πολιτείαν]Arist.Pol.1309b33, cf. 1301b17 (Pass.), Rh.1360a25 (Pass.) ; . τὴν κρᾶσιν make it stronger, Plu.2.677f ; heighten by contrast, τὰ φωτεινὰ καὶ λαμπρὰ τοῖς σκιεροῖς καὶ σκοτεινοῖς ., of painters, ib.57c ; τῇ γλυκύτητι τοῦ νουθετοῦντος . τὸ πικρὸν..τῆς νουθεσίας ib.67b : abs., exert oneself greatly, D.56.13, Arist.EN1138b23 ; strain matters to an extreme, Id.Pol.1293a26:—Pass., εἰ ἐπιτείνοιντο δυσκατάποτοι if their difficulty in swallowing increases, Archig. ap. Gal.12.976 ; so in pf. part. Pass., intensified,ταραχήEpicur.Ep.1p.30U. ; “ἐπιτίμησιςPhld.Ir.p.72 W. : impers., “ἐπιτείνεταιincrease arises, Arist.Cael.289a3.
d. intr., increase, of fevers, Hp.Coac.114 ; “ἐπέτεινε λιμόςPlu.Cam.28 ; of motion, Arist.Ph.238a5.
e. intr., rise, of price, PTeb.8.17 (iii B.C.).
3. urge on, incite,τινὰ ποιεῖν τιX.Eq.Mag.1.13 ; τινὰ ἵνα.. PFay.112.5 (i A.D.) ; . ἑαυτόν exert himself, Plu.Alex.40.
4. expedite,τὰ πράγματαPTeb.19.6 (ii B.C.).
II. Pass., suffer more intensely,τῷ πυρετῷHp.Epid.5.50 ; simply, to be tormented, racked,ὑπὸ νόσωνPl.Phd.86c : then generally, to be tortured,ζηλοτυπῶνLuc. DMeretr.9.4.
2. to be on the stretch, screwed up to the uttermost, αἱ τιμαὶ ἐπετέταντο prices were 'screwed up', D.56.24, cf. Men.Eph. ap.J.AJ9.14.2 ; “πολλαπλασίως ταῖς εὐνοίαις ἐπιταθέντεςPlb.18.16.3.
3.. τινίto be passionately devoted to, Parth.23.1 ; also of things, “. [βιβλίοις]Luc.Ind.27 ; “εἴς τιD.S.1.37.
4. hold out, last, endure, ἐπιταθῆναι πλείω χρόνον, of men, X.Lac.2.5, cf. Thphr. HP7.10.3.
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