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φάσκω , used by Ep. only in impf.
A.ἔφασκονIl.13.100; Ep. “φάσκονOd.24.75, Hes.Th.209: freq. in Trag. and Com. (but perh. never in pres. indic., v. infr.): as impf. of “φημίS.OT110, etc., also Ar. Ra.742; also imper. “φάσκεE.Hel.1077, Arist.Rh.Al.1429a6; subj. “φάσκωA.Ch.93, Ar.V.561 (anap.), Antipho 3.4.3, Lys.25.11, Is.10.11, PHal.1.134 (iii B. C.); opt. “φάσκοιμιS.Aj.1037, D.30.27; inf. “φάσκεινS.El.9, OT462, Ph.1411 (anap.), Ar.Ra.695 (troch.), X.Mem.1.2.52, al., Isoc.8.1; part. “φάσκωνIG12.66.6, E.HF1382 (the only part of the Verb used in Th.3.70) and Pl. (R.337e, al.), exc. “ἔφασκενId.Lg.901a):—Pass. is not found, ἐφάσκετ᾽ is for “ἐφάσκετεS.Ph.114. Rare in pres. indic. before iii B.C.: “φάσκειIs.6.16 (φάσκοι Reiske, Wyse), PMich.Zen.82.6 (iii B. C.), PSI8.921.7 (ii A. D.), dub. in S.E.P. 1.17 (v.l. φάσκοι), Gal.15.35, Gp.9.14.2, Hsch.; “φάσκειςPSI9.1011.10 (iii B. C.); φάσκουσιν) Aeschin.Ep.11.11, PCair.Zen.21.25, 244.5, al. (iii B. C.), Plu.Ant.86, Ath.10.429b, Gp.5.2.9, etc.; φάσκομεν is dub. cj. (for πάσχομεν) in Alex.146.4:—say, affirm, assert, c. acc. et inf., Od.4.191, 8.565, al.; φάσκειν as imper., in this constr., S.OT 462, Ph.1411 (anap.); οὐ φασκόντων χρήσειν saying they would not . . , Hdt. 3.58; “οὐ φάσκων ἀνεκτὸν εἶναιTh.8.52; the inf. is freq. to be supplied, ἐν τῇδ᾽ ἔφασκε γῇ (sc. εὑρεθήσεσθαι) S.OT110; φησίν γε: φάσκων δ᾽ (sc. ἥξειν) Id.El.319; τῶν φασκόντων γονέων (sc. εἶναι) Pl. R.538a, etc.; rarely φ. ὡς . . , ὅτι . . , Mosch.2.12, Plu.2.215f: c. acc., “τοῦτο φ. τοὔποςA.Ch.93, cf. E.HF1382, etc.: abs., “ὡς ἔφασκενS.OT 114; “φάσκουσα καὶ οὐ φάσκουσαPl.Tht.190a.
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