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φων-ή , ,
A.sound, tone, prop., the sound of the voice, whether of men or animals with lungs and throat (“ φωνὴ ψόφος τίς ἐστιν ἐμψύχου An.420b5, cf. 29, HA535a27, PA664b1); opp. φθόγγος (v. “φθόγγος11):
I. mostly of human beings, speech, voice, utterance,φ. ἄρρηκτοςIl.2.490; “ἀτειρέα φ.17.555; φ. δέ οἱ αἰθέρ᾽ ἵκανεν, of Ajax' battle-cry, 15.686; of the battle-cry of an army, “Τρώων καὶ Ἀχαιῶν . . φ. δεινὸν ἀϋσάντων14.400: pl., of the cries of market-people, X.Cyr.1.2.3; “ τόνος τῆς φ.Id.Cyn.6.20, D.18.280, Aeschin.3.209; ὀξεῖα, βαρυτέρα, λεία, τραχεῖα φ., Pl.Ti.67b; “φ. μαλακήAr.Nu.979 (anap.); μιαρά, ἀναιδής, Id.Eq.218,638: with Verbs, “φωνὴν ῥῆξαιHdt.1.85, Ar.Nu.357 (anap.); “φ. ἱέναιHdt.2.2, 4.23, Pl.Phdr.259d, etc.; “φ. ἥσειE.HF1295; “προΐεσθαιAeschin.2.23; “ἀρθροῦνX.Mem.1.4.12; “διαρθρώσασθαιPl.Prt.322a; “ἐντείνασθαιAeschin.2.157; “φ. ἐπαρεῖD.19.336; “φωνῇwith his voice, aloud, Il.3.161, Pi.P.9.29; “εἶπε τῇ φωνῇ τὰ ἀπόρρηταLys.6.51; “διὰ ζώσης φωνῆςAnon.Geog.Epit.1p.488M.; μιᾷ φ. with one voice, Luc. Nigr.14; ἀπὸ φωνῆς, c. gen., dictated by . . , Thd.1.103 tit., Marin. in Euc.Dat.p.234 M., Olymp. in Grg.p.1 N., Pall. in Hp.2.1 D.: pl., αἱ φ. the notes of the voice, Pl.Grg.474e; “σχήμασι καὶ φωναῖςArist. Rh.1306a32: prov., φωνῇ ὁρᾶν, of a blind man, S.OC138 (anap.); πᾶσαν, τὸ λεγόμενον, φ. ἱέντα, i.e. using every effort, Pl.Lg.890d, cf. Euthd.293a; “πάσας ἀφιέναι φωνάςId.R.475a, D.18.195; “φωνὰς ἀπρεπεῖς προΐεντοPTeb.802.15 (ii B. C.).
2. the cry of animals, as of swine, dogs, oxen, Od.10.239, 12.86,396; of asses, Hdt.4.129; of the nightingale, song, Od.19.521; “ἄνθρωπος πολλὰς φωνὰς ἀφίησι, τὰ δὲ ἄλλα μίανArist.Pr.895a4.
3. any articulate sound, opp. inarticulate noise (ψόφος)“, φ. κωκυμάτωνS.Ant.1206; “ὥσπερ φωνῆς οὔσης κατὰ τὸν ἀέρα πολλάκις καὶ λόγου ἐν τῇ φωνῇPlot.6.4.12: “στοιχεῖόν ἐστι φ. ἀδιαίρετοςArist.Po.1456b22; also esp. of vowelsound, opp. to that of consonants, Pl.Tht.203b, Arist.HA535a32; in literary criticism, of sound, opp. meaning, Phld.Po.5.20 (pl.), 21.
4. of sounds made by inanimate objects, mostly Poet., “κερκίδος φ.S.Fr.595; “συρίγγωνE.Tr.127 (lyr.); “αὐλῶνMnesim.4.56 (anap.); rare in early Prose, “ὀργάνων φωναίPl.R.397a; freq. in LXX, “ φ. τῆς σάλπιγγοςLXX Ex.20.18; φ. βροντῆς ib. Ps.103(104).7; “ φ. αὐτοῦ ὡς φ. ὑδάτων πολλῶνApoc.1.15.
5. generally, sound, defined as ἀὴρ πεπληγμένος, πληγὴ ἀέρος, Zeno Stoic.1.21, Chrysipp.ib.2.43.
III. phrase, saying,τὴν Σιμωνίδου φ.Id.Prt. 341b; “ τοῦ Σωκράτους φ.Plu.2.106b, cf. 330f, etc.; of formulae,στοιχειώματα καὶ φ.Epicur.Ep.1p.4U., cf. Sent.Vat.41 (= Metrod. Fr.59); “αἱ σκεπτικαὶ φ.S.E.P.1.14, cf. Jul.Or.5.162b, etc.
IV. report, rumour, LXXGe.45.16.
b. message, Sammelb.7252.21 (iii/iv A. D.).
V. loud talk, bragging, Epicur.Sent.Vat. 45.
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