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γέγων-α , Ep. pf. with pres. and past signf., used by Hom. in 3sg. γέγωνε and part.
A.γεγωνώςIl.11.275, al.: 3sg. plpf. (with impf. signf.) “ἐγεγώνειν22.34, 23.425, Od.21.368: later, imper. “γέγωνεA.Pr.195, S.Ph.238, E.Or.1220; subj. “γεγώνωS.OC213; part. “γεγωνώςArist.Pr.904b35, cf. γεγωνός:—from pres. *γεγώνω Hom. has inf. “γεγωνέμενIl.8.223, 11.6, 3sg. impf. ἐγέγωνεν (v.l. γέγωνεν) 14.469:—from pres. *γεγωνέω come inf. “γεγωνεῖν12.337, Pi.P.9.3, A.Pr.523, Pl.Hp.Ma.292d: impf. “ἐγεγώνευνOd.17.161, “γεγώνευν9.47: after Hom., 3sg. “γεγωνεῖ An.420a1, Pr. 917b21: impf. “-είτωX.Cyn.6.24; part. “γεγωνέοντεςMichel 1383B (Chios): fut. “γεγωνήσωE.Ion696 (lyr.): aor.inf. “γεγωνῆσαιA.Pr.990, part. “-ήσαςD.C.68.3; cf. γεγωνητέον, γεγωνίσκω:—shout so as to make oneself heard, “κώκυσεν . . γέγωνέ τε πᾶν κατὰ ἄστυIl.24.703; “ἐβόησε, γέγωνέ τε πᾶσι θεοῖσιOd.8.305: in pres. sense, ὅσσον τε γέγωνε βοήσας as far as [a man] can make himself heard by shouting, Od.6.294 (also in past sense, 5.400, al.); “οὔ πώς οἱ ἔην βώσαντι γεγωνεῖνIl.12.337; ἀδηνέως γεγωνέοντες Michel l.c.; make one's voice carry, πολλῷ πλέον γεγωνεῖν (Cobet for ἀγνοεῖν)“ ἔστι νύκτωρ μεθ᾽ ἡμέρανAntipho 5.44; “πορρωτέρω αὐτὸς τῇ αὐτῇ φωνῇ γεγωνεῖ μετ᾽ ἄλλων ᾁδων καὶ βοῶν μόνοςArist.Pr.917b21: c. dat. pers., cry out to, “ἐγεγώνει . . ΠουλυδάμαντιIl.14.469, etc.; “θεοῖσι μετ᾽ ἀθανάτοισι γεγώνευνOd.12.370; make oneself heard by a person, “οὐδέν σοι μᾶλλον γεγωνεῖν δύναμαι εἴ μοι παρεκάθησο λίθοςPl.Hp.Ma.292d.
b. speak articulately, opp. to mere sound, “ ἀὴρ οὐ γεγωνεῖ An.420a1; “οὐ δύνανται γεγωνεῖν . . ἀλλὰ μόνον φωνοῦσινId.Aud.804b24.
2. c. acc. pers., sing, celebrate, Pi.P.9.3.
3. c. acc. rei, tell out, proclaim, A.Pr. 523, al.; τινί τι ib.195,784, S.Ph.238; “τινί τι ἐς οὖς γ.E.Ion696; τὰ γεγωνα_μένα the proclamation, IG5(1).1111.12 (Geronthrae); also οὐκ ἔχω . . γεγωνεῖν ὅπα I cannot tell where [it is], E.Hipp.586 codd.—For part. γεγωνώς as Adj., v. γεγωνός 2.
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