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ἥδομαι , Boeot. ϝἅδ- [α_] Corinn. in BKT5(2).34, Dor. ἅδ- [α_], Aeol. ἄδ- [α_] Sapph.Supp.24.10: fut.
A.ἡσθήσομαιS.OT453, Pl.Phdr. 233e, etc.: aor. 1 ἥσθην (post-Homeric, v. infr.), also ἠδέσθην (sic) Hsch., Med. “ἡσάμηνOd.9.353: (swād-, cf. ἁνδάνω, ἡδύς):—enjoy oneself, take one's pleasure, once in Hom., Od.l.c.; freq. in Hdt. and Att.:—Constr.:
2. c. dat., ἥδεσθαί τινι to delight in or at a thing or person, Hdt.1.69, al., Th.1.120, etc.; “ἅπαντες ἡδόμεσθά σοιAr.Eq.623 (lyr.): in aor., ironically, ἥσθην ἀπειλαῖς I am amused at your threats, ib.696, cf.Nu.174: once c. gen., πώματος ἥσθη he enjoyed the draught, S.Ph.715 (lyr.).
3. c. acc. and part., ἥσθην πατέρα τὸν ἀμὸν εὐλογοῦντά σε I am pleased to hear you praising him, ib.1314; “δόμους ἥδεται πληρουμένουςE.Fr.328.1.
5. folld. by a Prep., “ἥδεσθαι ἐπί τινιX.Cyr.8.4.11, Pl.Phlb.48b, etc.; “ὑπέρ τινοςLys.2.26; but πρὸς ὀλίγον ἡσθεὶς ναυτιᾷ for a little time, Arr.Epict.4.9.4.
7. abs., “ὡς ἥδομαι καὶ χαίρομαι κεὐφραίνομαιAr.Pax 291, cf. Plu.2.449a, etc.; esp. in part., as Adj., glad, delighted. ἡδομένα ψυχᾷ, φωνᾷ, E.Fr.754 (lyr.), Ar.Av.236 (lyr.); “τὸ ἡδόμενονPlu.2.1025e, 1101f: freq. in dat., ἡδομένοισι ἦν τὸ γινόμενον they were pleased at . . , Hdt.8.10, cf. 9.46; ἐὰν ὑμῖν ἡδομένοις (sc. ) Antipho 6.8, cf. Pl.Phd.78b, La.187c; “τὸ ἡδόμενον κατὰ σάρκαEpicur. Sent.4.
II. Act., ἥδω please, delight, c. acc. pers., aor., “ἧσεAnacr.148: so later pres., “ἥδειMuson.Fr.18Bp.103 H.; “ἥδομενMen. Mon.38: aor. 1 “ἧσαEphipp.6.5 (s.v.l.), Ael.NA10.48, Hld.10.32, AP7 lemma (λαλῆσαι f.l. for ἀλλ᾽ ἧσαι; τὰ ἥδοντα joys, pleasures, opp. τὰ λυποῦντα, Antipho Soph.Oxy.1364.116, cf. Pl.Ax.366a, Diog. Oen.29; “τὸ ἧδονS.E.M.7.203.
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