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ἵππος , ,, , mare, most freq. fem. in Poets; in full “θήλεες ἵπποιIl.5.269; “ἵπποι θήλειαι11.680, Od.4.635; “ἄρσενες ἵπποι13.81, cf. Hdt.3.86, Pl.Hp.Ma.288b: pl., ἵπποι team of chariot-horses, Il.16.370, al.: freq. in dual, 5.237, 8.41, al.: hence, of the chariot itself, ἀφ᾽ ἵπποιιν, ἀφ᾽ ἵππων, from the chariot, Il.5.13,19,al.; καθ᾽ ἵππων ἆλτο, ἐξ ἵππων βῆσε, ib.111,163; ἵππων ἐπιβησόμενος intending to mount his chariot, ib.46; opp. “πεζοί, πλῆτο δὲ πᾶν πεδίον πεζῶν τε καὶ ἵππωνOd.14.267, cf. 9.49; “ἵπποι τε καὶ ἀνέρεςIl.2.554; “λαός τε καὶ ἵπποι18.153; of riders, “νῶθ᾽ ἵππων ἐπιβάντες ἐθύνεονHes.Sc.286; freq. of race-horses, “. ἀκαμαντόποδεςPi.O.3.4; “ἀελλόποδεςSimon.7; “ἀθληταίLys.19.63: metaph., ἁλὸς ., of ships, Od.4.708, cf. Secund. Sent.17.
2. the constellation Pegasus, Eudox. ap. Hipparch.1.2.12, Ptol.Tetr.27, Vett.Val.12.11.
3. title of Hecate in the Mithraic cult, Porph.Abst.4.16.
4. perh. an instrument of torture, Lat. eculeus, Plu.Luc.20(pl.).
II. as Collective Noun, ἵππος, , horse, cavalry, τῶν Θεσσαλῶν . Hdt.5.64, etc.: always in sg., even with numerals, . χιλίη a thousand horse, Id.7.41; μυρίη ibid.; μυρία, τρισμυρία, A.Pers.302,315; διακοσία . Th.1.62; “ἵππον ἔχω εἰς χιλίανX.Cyr.4.6.2.
III. a sea-fish, Antim. et Numen. ap. Ath. 7.304e; but . ποτάμιος the hippopotamus, Hdt.2.71, Arist.HA 502a9; “ . τοῦ ΝείλουAch.Tat.4.2.
IV. lewd woman, Ael.NA 4.11.
b. pudenda muliebria et virilia, Hsch.
V. a complaint of the eyes, such that they are always winking, Gal.16.611,al. (also in Hp., acc. to [Gal.]19.436).
VI. title of ministrants ('chuckersout') in certain religious ceremonies, IG22.1368.144 (Athens, ii A.D.), 3.1280a.
VII. in compds., to express anything large or coarse, as in our horse-chestnut, horse-laugh, v. ἱππό-κρημνος, -λάπαθον, -μάραθον, -πορνος, -σέλινον, -τυφία, and cf. βου-. (From ἴκϝος, v. ἴκκος; cf. Skt. aśvas, Lat. equus: the ἴ- (in place of e-) and the aspirate are unexplained; the latter acc. to Gell.2.3.2 was confined to Attic; cf. Λεύκ-ιππος, Γλαύκ-ιππος.)
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