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κἄν (not κᾁν), by crasis,
I. for καὶ ἄν . . , v.l. in Hes.Op.357, freq. in Att.: not often when καί is simply copul., Pl.Phd.79a, Grg. 514d; but freq. when καί is intens., γε κ. μέγα δοίη even a great thing, Hes. l.c.; “κακὸν δὲ κ. ἐν ἡμέρᾳ γνοίης μιᾷS.OT615, cf. 591, Aj.45, Ar.Nu.1130, Th.7.61, etc.; sts. repeated after or before a Verb with “ἄν, ἐπεὶ κ. σὺ . . , εἴ τίς σε διδάξειεν . . , βελτίων ἂν γένοιοPl. Prt.318b, cf. R.515e; freq. in the phrase κ. εἰ, where καί properly belongs to εἰ, even if, and ἄν to the Verb that follows in apodosi, νῦν δέ μοι δοκεῖ, κ. ἀσέβειαν εἰ καταγιγνώσκοι, τὰ προσήκοντα ποιεῖν (for καὶ εἰ καταγιγνώσκοι, ποιεῖν ἄν) D.21.51: hence,
2. even when the Verb in apodosi was of a tense that could not be joined with ἄν, κ. εἰ πολλαὶ [αἱ ἀρεταί] . . “εἰσιν, ἕν γέ τι εἶδος ταὐτὸν ἅπασαι ἔχουσιPl.Men. 72c; “κ. εἰ μή τῳ δοκεῖId.R.473a, 579d, cf. 408b, Phd.71b, Sph.247e, Arist.Top.136a31, al.
3. in later Gr. without εἰ, simply as a stronger form of καί, even, “εἴσελθε κ. νῦνMen.342; “κ. νεκρῷ Χάρισαι τὰ σὰ ΧείλεαTheoc.23.41, cf. 35 (v.l.) (and so with εἷς, μία, ἕν, κ. μίαν ἡμέραν δόντες αὐτοῖς v.l. in X.HG1.7.19; “εἰ κ. ἕν τι φαίνοιτοS.E. P.2.195, cf. Ph.2.29); “ἐὰν ἅψωμαι κ. τῶν ἱματίωνEv.Marc.5.28; κ. νῦν now at any rate, POxy.2151.7 (iii A.D.); κἂν ὧς even so, nevertheless, ib.123.7 (iii/iv A.D.); “οἷς οὐδὲ κ. ὄνος ὑπῆρξε πώποτεLuc.Tim.20 codd., cf. DDeor.5.2, etc.
II. for καὶ ἄν ἐάν), even if, with the same moods as ἐάν, S.Aj.15, Pl.Prt.319c, etc.: freq. used ellipt., ἄνδρα Χρὴ δοκεῖν πεσεῖν ἂν κ. (sc. πέσῃ)“ ἀπὸ σμικροῦ κακοῦS.Aj.1078, cf. Ar.V.92, Ach.1021, and so prob. in S.El.1483: later folld. by ind., “κἂν γὰρ οὕτω φαμένA.D.Synt.70.22.
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