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κάλα^μος [κα^], ,
A.reed, used for thatching or wattling, Hdt.5.101, al., Th.2.76; for wreaths, “κ. λευκόςAr.Nu.1006 (anap.); for bedding, Plu.Lyc.16; for fuel, PCair.Zen.85 (iii B.C.); various species, κ. εὐώδης, ἀρωματικός, sweet flag, Acorus Calamus, Thphr.HP4.8.4, 9.7.1, Od.33, Dsc.1.18; κ. αὐλητικός pole-reed, Arundo Donax, Thphr.HP4.11.1, 9; κ. εἰλετίας marram, Ammophila arundinacea, ib.13; κ. ἐπίγειος bush-grass, Calamagrostis epigeios, ibid.; κ. Ἰνδικός bamboo, Bambusa arundinacea, ibid., Dsc.5.92, PLond.2.191.11 (ii A.D.), Gp.2.6.23, cf. Hdt.3.98; κ. Ἰνδικὸς ἄρρην male bamboo, Dendrocalamus strictus, Thphr.HP4.11.13; κ. κύπριος, = δόναξ, Asclep. ap.Gal.12.414; κ. πλόκιμος spear-grass, Phragmites communis, Thphr.HP4.11.1; κ. Χαρακίας, Arundo Donax, ibid.
II. applied to various uses,
1. reed-pipe, flute, Pi.O.10(11).84, N.5.38, E. El.702 (lyr.), IT1126 (lyr.).
2. fishing-rod, Pl.Com.11, Theoc. 21.43, Luc.DMort.27.9; “κ. ἁλιευτικόςArist.PA693a23.
3. limed twig used by fowlers, BionFr.10.5, Aesop.171, 296.
4. shaft of an arrow, Ptol.Alm.7.5; made of κ. τοξικός, or Κρητικός, Thphr.HP4.11.11.
5. reed-pen, LXXPs.44(45).1, 3 Ep.Jo.13, Plu.Dem.29, Luc. Hist.Conscr.38; “κάλαμοι γραφικοίPGrenf.2.38.7 (i B.C.); “κ. γραφεῖςPoll.10.61.
6. measuring-rod, Apoc.11.1, al.: hence, a definite measure, IG9(1).61.50 (Daulis, ii A.D.); = 5 πήχεις, Hero *Geom.4.11; = 6 2/3 πήχεις, ib.23.13.
7. Medic., tube for insufflation, Aret. CA1.9, Asclep. ap. Gal.12.985; for fumigation, Dsc.Eup.1.56; for extraction, Cels.7.5.2; also, splint, Hp.Fract.12.282 C.
8. ornament of female dress, AP6.292 (Hedyl.).
9. stake to which vines were tied, PFlor.369.4 (ii A.D.), Jul.Or.3.125b, etc.
III. collectively,
1. reed, i.e. reeds, Arist.Mete.359b1, POxy.742.2 (i B.C.), etc.: in pl., reed-beds, Plb.3.71.4.
2. of plants, which are neither shrub nor bush (ὕλη), nor tree (δένδρον), X.An.1.5.1.
3. mat of reeds, Pl.R.372b; roof of reeds (Coan), Hsch.
IV. = καλάμη, stalk of wheat, X.Oec.18.2.
V. κ. τοῦ σκέλους the shinbone, Sch.Luc.VH1.23.
VI. ticket for obtaining corn-rations, = tessera frumentaria, Gloss. (Cf. Lat. culmus, OHG. halm, etc.)
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