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κάτω , Adv., (κατά):
I. with Verbs implying Motion, downwards, “ἐπισκύνιον κ. ἕλκεταιIl.17.136; “κ. ὁρόωνOd.23.91; “κατὰ τείχεος κ. ῥίπτεινHdt.8.53; “κατώρυξέν με κατὰ τῆς γῆς κ.Ar.Pl.238; “χώρει κ.A.Pr.74; “κ. δάκρυ᾽ εἰβομένηS.Ant.527 (anap.), cf. E.Fr.384; esp. of the nether world, A.Pers.839, S.Ant.197, etc.; κ. βλέπειν, φέρεσθαι, Pl.R.500b, 584e; κ. διεχώρει αὐτοῖς they suffered from diarrhoea, X.An.4.8.20, cf. Hp.Epid.5.20; φάρμακον πῖσαι κ. give a purgative, Id.Aff.32, cf. 15; κ. βοηθεῖν go down to help, D.32.5; for ἄνω καὶ κάτω, ἄνω κάτω, etc., v. ἄνω (B) A. 11.2.
2. downwards, in a chain of causes, “ἐπὶ τὸ κ. ἰέναιArist.Metaph.994a19.
3. c. gen., down from, “πετρῶν ὦσαι κ.E.Cyc.448.
II. with Verbs implying Rest (so more freq. in Prose), beneath, below, opp. ἄνω, Hes.Th.301, etc.: “ τόπος κ. καλούμενοςPl.Phd.112c.
b. in the world below, S.Aj.660, OC1563 (lyr.), etc.; οἱ κ. the dead, Id.Aj.865, Ant.75, etc.; “οἱ κ. θεοίId.El.292, cf. E.Alc.851.
c. geographically below, southward, Hdt., v. ἄνω (B) A. 11.1e; also κ. οἰκεῖν to dwell on the coast, Th.1.7; οἱ κ., opp. οἱ τὴν μεσόγειαν κατῳκημένοι, ib.120; . κ. Γαλατία lower Galatia, Plu Aem.9, etc.; “βασιλεὺς τῶν τε ἄνω καὶ τῶν κ. χωρῶνOGI90.3 (Rosetta, ii B.C.).
d. in the race-course, τὰ κ. the starting-place, opp. τὰ ἄνω (the goal), Pl.R.613b.
e. τὰ κ. τῶν μελῶν the lower limbs of the body, Id.Lg.794d; κ. κοιλία, opp. ἄνω, Arist.Mete.360b24.PA676a5; περὶ τὰ κ. χωρεῖν miscarry, fail, Luc. Ind.1.
f. of Time, afterwards, later, Ael.VH5.13; “οἱ κ. χρόνοιPlu. Cor.25; οἱ κ., opp. οἱ πάλαι, Luc.Hipp.1; τοῦ χρόνου κ. later in time, Ael.VH3.17, NA2.18; Δαρεῖος κ. ib.6.48; cf. ἄνω (B) A.11.1i.
g. in Logic, τὰ κ. the lower members in a descending series of genera and species, Arist.AP0.97a31, Metaph.992a18.
III. c. gen., under, below, κ. χθονός, γῆς, A.Eu.1023, S.OT968, etc.
IV. Comp. κατωτέρω lower, downwards, Ar.Ra.70, Alex.173.2: c. gen., lower than, below, Hdt.8.132.
2. Sup. κατωτάτω at the lowest part, “τὰ κ.Id.2.125 (but in signf. 11.g, Phld.Sign.29).
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