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κα^νών , όνος, ,
A.straight rod, bar, esp. to keep a thing straight:
1. in pl., staves which preserved the shape of the shield, [ἀσπίδα] “δύω κανόνεσσ᾽ ἀραρυῖανIl.13.407, cf. 8.193, Them.Or.21.257a.
2. weaver's rod, to which alternate threads of the warp were attached, Il. 23.761, Ar.Th.822 (anap.), Plu.2.156b, Nonn.D.37.631.
3. ruddled line used by masons or carpenters, “πύργους . . ὀρθοῖσιν ἔθεμεν κανόσινE.Tr.6; “βάθρα φοίνικι κανόνι . . ἡρμοσμέναId.HF945; also “κ. λίθινοςrule, straight-edge, IG12.313.113, 373.217, al., cf. Pl.Phlb.56b, X.Ages.10.2, AP11.120 (Callicter); ὥστε τέκτονος παρὰ στάθμην ἰόντος ὀρθοῦται κ. S.Fr.474.5; “κανόνα προσφέρεινAeschin.3.199; “ποιῶν ὀρθὰ πάντα πρὸς κανόναIG7.3073.108 (Lebad., ii B. C.); “κανόνεσσι . . μετρήσασθαιA.R.1.724, cf. Ar.Av.1004; μολίβδινος κ., i.e. a flexible rule that cannot be depended on for straight measurement, Arist.EN1137b31 (unless = κῦμα)“; κανόνα ποιῆσαι στρεβλόνId.Rh.1354a26.
b. ruler, AP6.63.2 (Damoch.).
4. beam or tongue of the balance, “στῆσαι ἐκ κανόνοςAP11.334, cf. Sch.Ar.Ra.811.
5. curtain-rod, CharesFr. 4J.
6. in pl., reeds of a wind-organ, AP9.365 (Jul. Imp.).
7. bed-post, LXXJu.13.6.
8. in pl., poles from which the ancilia were suspended when carried, D.H.2.71.
9. pl., bars of a window, PSI5.547.9(iii B. C.).
10. in Music, monochord, κατατομὴ κανόνος, title of work by Euc., cf. Phld.Mus.p.100K., Ptol.Harm. 1.8, 2.12; ὀκτάχορδος, πεντεκαιδεκάχορδος κ., ib.2.2, 3.1 tit.
11. cross-bar of κιθάρα, Porph.inHarm.p.207.
2. in Art, model, standard, κ., a statue by Polyclitus which furnished a model of proportions, Plin.HN34.55; also his treatise on the same, Chrysipp.Stoic.3.122 (adnot.); also in Literature, “Ἡρόδοτος τῆς Ἰάδος ἄριστος κ., Θουκυδίδης δὲ τῆς ἈτθίδοςD.H.Pomp.3.
c. of a person, severe critic, κ. scriptorum, Cic.Fam. 16.17.1.
3. Gramm., general rule, AB1180, Choerob.inTheod.2 p.xxi; paradigm, “οἱ κ. τῶν ὀνομάτωνA.D.Adv. 141.25.
b. metrical scheme showing all possible forms of a verse, Heph.14.1, al.
4. in Astronomy and Chronology, table of dates, “κανόνες ΧρονικοίPlu. Sol.27; sg., κανών, , system of chronology, D.H.1.74.
b. astrological table, “κανόνων καὶ εἰσόδων πήξειςVett.Val.108.19.
5. limit, boundary, expl. as τὸ μέτρον τοῦ πηδήματος, Poll.3.151.
b. 'province', sphere of action, 2 Ep.Cor.10.15.
6. assessment for taxation, PLond.1.99.5 (iv A. D.), etc.; οἱ δεσποτικοὶ κ. the Imperial taxes, ib.234.9 (iv A. D.); ἰδιωτικὸς κ. POxy.2124.10 (iv A. D.).
7. tariff, Stud.Pal.20.143.5 (v/vi A. D.).
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