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καταβαίνω , Dor. κα^βαίνω Alcm.38: fut.
A.-βήσομαιHes.Th.750, etc.: pf. -βέβηκα; Boeot. part. “καταβεβάωνIG7.3055: aor. “κατέβηνIl.10.541, Pi.O.9.43, etc.; poet. 3pl. “κατέβανIl.24.329, “κατέβησανLXX 2 Ki.23.13; imper. “κατάβηθιOd.23.20, Ar.Lys.873, Lacon. “κάβασιHsch., “κατάβα_Ar.V.979, Ra.35; Ep. 1pl. subj. καταβήομεν (v.l. -βείομεν) Il.10.97; late 3sg. opt. “κατάβοιLXX 2 Ki.1.21 (cod. B), Conon 45.2J.; poet. part. “καββάςPi.N.6.51; Ep. inf. “καταβήμεναιIl.14.19:—Med., Ep. aor. 1 “κατεβήσετο6.288, 13.17, Od.2.337, al. (with v.l. κατεβήσατο); imper. “καταβήσεοIl.5.109:—go or come down from . . , c. gen., πόλιος κ. 24.329; οὐρανόθεν κ. 11.184; “ΠαρνασοῦPi.O.9.43, etc.: also with Preps., “ἐξ ὄρεοςIl.13.17; “ἐς πεδίον3.252, etc.: also c. acc. loci, “θάλαμον κατεβήσετοOd.2.337; κ. Ἀΐδαν, Ἀΐδα δόμον, S.Ant.822 (anap.), E.Heracl.913 (lyr.); but “κατέβην δόμον Ἄϊδος εἴσωOd.23.252 (later abs., die, Lib.Or.38.16); ἔσω κ. Hes.Th.750: also c. acc. in quite different senses, κατέβαιν᾽ ὑπερώϊα she came down from the upper floor, Od.18.206, 23.85; κλίμακα κατεβήσετο came down the ladder, 1.330 (“κ. κατὰ τῆς κλίμακοςLys. 1.9); ξεστὸν ἐφόλκαιον καταβάς having got down by the lading-plank, Od.14.350: abs., καταβαίνειν δ᾽ οὐ σχολή come downstairs, Ar. Ach.409; esp.
1. dismount from a chariot or from horseback, “δίφρουIl.5.109; “ἐκ τῆς ἁρμαμάξηςHdt.9.76; “ἀφ᾽ ἁρμάτωνPi.N.6.51; “ἀπὸ τοῦ ἵππουX.Cyr.5.5.6; but κ. ἀπὸ τῶν ἵππων give up riding, D.42.24, cf. Arist.Ath.49.1:—hence in Pass., ἵππος καταβαίνεται the horse is dismounted from, X.Eq.11.7.
2. go down from the inland parts to the sea, esp. from central Asia (cf. “ἀναβαίνω11.3), Hdt.1.94, etc.; also from Athens, κ. ἐς Πειραιᾶ, ἐς λιμένα, Pl.R.327a, Tht.142a.
3. go down into the scene of contest, γυμνὸν ἐπὶ στάδιον κ. Pi.P.11.49; κ. ἐπ᾽ αὐτὸ τοῦτο (sc. τὸ ἀεθλεύειν) Hdt.5.22: abs., = Lat. in certamen descendere, Pi.N.3.42, S.Tr.504(lyr.), X.An.4.8.27; cf. καταβατέον; μέτρῳ καταβαίνειν 'seek no more contests' (μέτρῳ by litotes for μή), Pi.P.8.78; μεθ᾽ ὅπλων κ. Pl.Lg.834c.
4. of an orator, come down from the tribune, Lys.12.92, D.19.23, etc.; rarely in full, κ. ἀπὸ τοῦ βήματος ib.113; so “κατάβα.--καταβήσομαιAr.V.979; later, also κ. ἀπὸ τοῦ λόγου, ἀπὸ τῶν ἰαμβείων, to cease from . . , Luc.Tox.35, Nec.1.
5. less freq. of things, “πρὶν . . καταβήμεναι ἐκ Διὸς οὖρονIl.14.19; of tears, E.Andr.111 (eleg.); of streams, Pl.Criti.118d; of the womb, Arist.HA582b24; πόσσω κατέβα τοι ἀφ᾽ ἱστῶ; at what price did [the robe] come down from the loom? Theoc.15.35; of the heavenly bodies, set, Vett.Val.31.3.
II. metaph.,
1. attain, “πόμπιμον κατέβαινε νόστου τέλοςPi.N.3.25; “κ. ἐπὶ τελευτήνPl.R.511b: abs., attain one's end, ἐν φάει κ. Pi.N.4.38; simply, come to, arrive at in course of speaking, κατέβαινε ἐς λιτάς he ended with prayer, Hdt.1.116: usu. c. part., κατέβαινε αὖτις παραιτεόμενος ib.90, cf. 118, 9.94; καταβάς, of a writer, Eun.VSp.454B.
3. condescend, Timocl.1.2 D.
4. fall in value, POxy.1223.33 (iv A.D.), cf. Poll.1.51.
5. λέγεται μηδὲν αὐτοῖς τούτων καταβαίνειν, of abusive language, does not affect them or get home, Chrysipp.Stoic.2.242.
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