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καταχορ-χρέομαι SIG672.32 (ii B.C.), al.: fut. -
A.χρήσομαιPl.Mx.247b: pf. -κέχρημαι both in act. and pass. senses (v.infr.): aor. -εχρήσθην (v.infr.11.4):—make full use of, apply, τινὶ εἰς . . , ἐπί . . , πρός τι, Pl.Lg.700c, R.520a, Cra.426e; μάρτυσι κ. πρὸς τὸ . . Id.Phlb. 51a; “κ. φύσις ἐν παρέργῳ τῇ . . ἀναπνοῇ πρὸς τὴν ὄσφρησινArist.Resp. 473a23, cf. Sens.444a25; λόγους . . οἷσπερ νυνὶ κατακέχρηται (in act. sense) D.35.44; “ἐν καιρῷ [πράξεσι] κ.Isoc.4.9; “κενῇ προφάσει ταύτῃ κατεχρῶD.18.150: c. acc., “τὴν . . ὑπερβολὴν ἐπὶ βοήθειαν κ. φύσιςArist.PA663b33; “σχολὴν ἐς ἀκρόασινLuc.Prom.4; “τι εἴς τιIG22.1672.307 (iv B.C.), cf. J.BJ5.9.1: abs. in pf. part. in pass. sense, ἐξεύρημα . . Ἀθήνησιν . . κατακεχρημένον ἐν συμποσίοις ἰδίᾳ 'στί is fashionable at private banquets there, Amphis 14.4.
II. do what one likes with a person or thing, “καταχρήσασθέ μοι, εἰ δοκῶ τοιοῦτος εἶναιAeschin.1.122.
2. use up, consume, of money, etc., c. acc., Lys. 19.22 (bis); “στέαρPRev.Laws50.14 (iii B.C.); “τὰ κρέα ἐν τὰν δαμοθοινίανSIG671A7 (Delph., ii B.C.); lay out, apply money, “εἴς τιD.49.4, IG9(1).694.34 (Corc., ii B.C.), 12(1).155.86(Rhodes); ἐνταῦθα on this, D.47.50: pf. in act. sense, “ὅσα κατακέχρημαι ἈθήνησιD.L.5.69:—Pass., to be spent, consumed, Isoc.4.74; “πλίνθου τῆς -χρησθείσης εἰς τοὺς τοίχουςPPetr.3p.139 (iii B.C.).
3. misuse, abuse, D. 19.277: c. dat., “τῇ τῶν προγόνων δόξῃ μὴ -χρησόμενοιPl.Mx.l.c.; κ. ὀνόματι use it in a wrong sense, misapply it, Arist. Cael.270b24, Phld. Rh.1.43 S., cf. Str.5.1.2 (also abs., Phld.Rh.1.59 S.; fall into an error, Olymp. in Mete.279.11): c.acc., “κ. τὴν σχολὴν εἰς τοῦτοDionys. Com.4; “τοῦ ἀρχαίου τι κ.misappropriate, Test.Epict.8.8.
4. of persons, in bad sense, make away with, destroy, kill, c. acc., Hdt. 1.82, 117, 4.146, al., Plb.1.85.1:—Pass., aor. -χρησθῆναι, ἐδέοντό μιν κ. requested that he might be put to death, Hdt.9.120.
III. pretend, allege, ὡς . . D.43.39; ὅτι . . Id.48.44.
B. Act. καταχράω only Ion., used only in 3sg., ἀντὶ λόφου λοφιὴ κατέχρα the mane sufficed them for a crest, Hdt.7.70; elsewh. impers., it suffices, οὐδέ οἱ καταχρήσει . . ὑμέων ἀπέχεσθαι nor will he be satisfied to keep his hands off you, Id.4.118; ὥς οἱ καταχρᾷ εἰ βούλονται that it is sufficient for him, if . . , Id.1.164; καταχρήσει it will suffice, Phoen.2.21.
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