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κληρ-όω , Dor. κλα_ρόω , inf.
A.κλαρώενFoed.Delph.Pell. 1 A6, “κλαρώεινSIG647.33 (Stiris, ii B.C.): (κλῆρος A):—appoint by lot, “ἐξ ἁπάντων τὰς ἀρχάςIsoc.7.22; “ἀθλητάςArist.Rh.1393b5; “διαιρετὰς τῶν κτημάτωνSIG364.9 (Ephesus, iii B.C.); τὰ δικαστήρια ib.647.33; ἄλλον [ἱερόν] IG5(1).1390.6(Andania, i B.C.); also, of the lot, fall on, “οὓς ἐκλήρωσεν πάλοςE.Ion416:—Med., cast lots for office, of candidates, “ἂν ἔλθῃ κληρωσόμενος τῶν ἐννέα ἀρχόντωνLys.6.4, cf. 24.13; “κ. ἱερωσύνηςD.57.62; “κληρουμένων ἐπιμελῶςArist.Ath.27.4; “ὃς ἂν κληρούμενος λαγχάνῃPl.Plt.298e:—Pass., to be appointed by lot, Arist. Ath.43.2, Decr.ib.30.5, SIG525.11 (Crete, iii B.C.), IG5(1).1390.132 (Andania, i B.C.), etc.; [“πρόεδροι] κεκληρωμένοιD.24.89; “κεκληρῶσθαι ἄρχεινLuc.Luct.2.
2. cast lots, Pl.Lg.759c, 856d; κληρώσω πάντας I will make all draw lots, Ar.Ec.682; “κ. τὰς φυλάςPlb.6.20.2:—Med., A.Th.55, Ar.Ec.836, D.21.133; ὅτε ἐκληροῦσθε when you were drawing lots, Id.19.1.
3. Med., have allotted one, obtain by lot, “δεσπόταςE.Tr.29; “ἱερωσύνηνAeschin.1.188; “ἀμπέλων δεκανίανIGRom.4.1675 (Lydia): metaph., obtain as one's sphere or province, “τὸ ταὐτὸν δημιουργὸς ἐκληρώσατοDam.Pr.321; Astrol., “ἥλιος κληρωσάμενος τὴν ὥρανVett.Val.61.1; κεκληρῶσθαι to be in possession of, to have, Hp. Ep.20, Procl.Inst.110; “τὴν καρδίαν κεκλήρωται ἐπὶ τῇ φάρυγγιAel. NA5.31.
2. ὀμφὰν κ. deliver an oracle by lot, Id.Ion908 (lyr.).
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