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κρείσσων , ον, gen. ονος, as always in Ep. and old Att.; later Att. κρείττων ; Ion. κρέσσων Hp.Fract.3, al., v.l. in Dionys.Trag. (v. infr. 11); Dor. κάρρων (q.v.); Cret. κάρτων Leg.Gort.1.15:—Comp. of κρατύς (v. κράτιστος),
2. freq. as Comp. of ἀγαθός, better, κρέσσονες one's betters, esp. in point of rank, Pi.O.10(11).39, N.10.72 (but also, the stronger, more powerful, E.Or.710, Th.1.8, etc.); “ἐς τοὺς τοκέας καὶ ἐς τοὺς κρέσσονας τεθυμῶσθαιHdt.3.52, cf. SIG685.134 (Magn. Mae., ii B. C.); οἱ κ. corps of guards at Thebes, Plu.2.598e; κρείσσονες θεοί, of the greater gods, as opp. to Oceanus, A.Pr.902 (lyr.); “ κ. ΖεύςId.Ag.60 (anap.); οἱ κ. the Higher Powers, Id.Fr.10, Pl.Sph.216b, Euthd.291a, etc.; τὰ κρείσσω, = τὰ θεῖα, E.Ion973; τὸ κ. the Almighty, Providence, Corp.Herm.18.11, Jul.Ep.204, Agath.1.16, Procop.Gaz. Pan.p.492; τὰ κρείσσονα one's advantages, “τὰ ὑπάρχοντα ἡμῖν κρείσσω καταπροδοῦναιTh.4.10.
III. having control over, master of, esp. of desires and passions, “τῶν ἡδονῶνDemocr.214; “τοῦ ἔρωτοςX.Cyr.6.1.34; γαστρὸς καὶ κερδέων ib.4.2.45; αὑτῶν over themselves, Pl.Phdr.232a, al.; κ. χρημάτων superior to the influence of money, Th.2.60, Isoc.1.19; “τῶν συμμάχων κ.X. Ath.2.1; also, putting oneself above, “κ. τοῦ δικαίουTh.3.84; κρείσσους ὄντες . . τῷ λογισμῷ ἐς τὸ ἀνέλπιστον τοῦ βεβαίου having reasoned themselves into an absolute belief of the hopelessness of certainty, ib.83; φαύλους καὶ κρείττους τῆς παιδείας, = οὓς παιδευθῆναι ἀδύνατον (just below), Arist.Pol.1316a9.
IV. better, more excellent, “ἁρμονίη ἀφανὴς φανερῆς κ.Heraclit.54; “κ. ἐπ᾽ ἀρετήνDemocr.181; κρείττων λόγος (opp. ἥσσων) Ar.Nu.113; κατὰ τὸ κ. in a higher sense, opp. κατὰ τὸ χεῖρον, Dam.Pr.7.
V. Adv. “κρεισσόνωςAntipho 4.4.6, Iamb.Myst.7.4; also “κρεῖσσονS.OT176 (lyr.), OGI90.31 (Rosetta, ii B. C.). (κρέσσων from κρέτ-ψων, cf. κρέτος; κάρτων and κάρρων from κάρτ-ψων, cf. κάρτος; κρείσσων (like μείζων) prob. took ει from ὀλείζων.)
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