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λάσκω , impf.
A.ἔλασκονE.El.1214 (lyr.): fut. “λα^κήσομαιAr.Pax381, 384: aor. 1 ἐλάκησα [α^] ib.382 (“δια-λα_κήσαςId.Nu.410 is prob. from διαλα_κέω, Dor. for -ληκέω): aor. 2 ἔλα^κον, Ep. “λάκονIl.14.25, al.: aor. 1 “ἔληξαHerod.8.65: pf. “λέληκαIl.22.141, Arist.HA618b31, “λέλα_καA.Pr.407 (lyr.), Ar.Ach.410 (paratrag.); part. fem. “λελα^κυῖαOd.12.85:—Med., v. infr. 11:—ring, rattle, crash:
I. of things, ring when struck, “λάκε χαλκὸς νυσσομένων ξίφεσίν τε καὶ ἔγχεσιIl. 14.25; “λάκε δ᾽ ἀσπίς20.277; also λάκε δ᾽ ὀστέα the bones cracked, broke with a crash, 13.616; λάκε δ᾽ ἀμφὶ πυρὶ ὕλη crackled, Hes. Th. 694; ἔλακον ἀξόνων βριθομένων χνόαι creaked under the weight, A.Th. 153 (lyr.):—this sense occurs only in aor. 2 Act.
II. of animals, scream, of the falcon, “ὀξὺ λεληκώςIl.22.141; of the nightingale in the falcon's talons, τί λέληκας; Hes.Op.207; also, of dogs, howl, bay, Σκύλλη . . δεινὸν λελακυῖα Od.l.c.; rare in Prose, οὐ μινυρίζει οὐδὲ λέληκεν, of the black eagle, Arist.l.c.:—this sense occurs only in pf., exc. in Ep. aor. Med., “κύνες λελάκοντοh.Merc.145.
III. of human beings, shout, scream, cry aloud, “λέληκεν ἢν καὶ μηδέν᾽ ἀνθρώπων ὁρᾷSemon.7.15; “φόβος μυχόθεν ἔλακεA.Ch.35 (lyr.), cf. S.Ant. 1094, etc.; τί λέλακας; Ar.Ach. l. c.; “μή νυν λακήσῃςId.Pax382: hence of Oracles, utter, A.Ag.1426 (lyr.), S.Tr.824 (lyr.), Ar.Pl. 39; also, sing, “πρὸς αὐλόνE.Alc.346.
2. c. acc. cogn., shriek forth, utter aloud, “ὀλολυγμόνA.Ag.596; στονόεν λέλακε χώρα Id. Pr.l.c.; “λ. βοάνE.El.l.c., cf. Ion776 (anap.); “ἀγγελίαςId.IT461 (anap.); “πῆμαA.Ag.865; “ῥῆμα γενναῖονAr.Ra.97: c. dupl. acc., τοιαῦτα λάσκεις τοὺς . . φίλους; E.Andr.671:—in this sense only in Trag. and (rarely) Com.
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