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λεῖος , α, ον,
A.smooth to the touch, [αἴγειρος] Il.4.484; “λ. ὥσπερ ἔγχελυςAr.Fr.218, cf. Eup.338; χῆμαι, χηραμβίς, PCair.Zen.82.12 (iii B.C.), Hsch.s.v. χήμη; τὰ τραχέα καὶ τὰ λ. X.Mem.3.10.1; freq. in Pl., Cra.414b, al., Arist.Cat.10a17, etc.; also, of cloths, smooth, plain, not embroidered, “ὑφαντά τε καὶ λ.Th.2.97; “λ. ὕφασμαPl.Plt.310e; λεῖα ἐκπεποιημένα worked smooth, of marble, IG12.372.134; also λεία ἐργασία ib.372.165; unsculptured, “Ἀθήνης ἕδοςCall.Fr.105.4; of plate, unembossed, “φιάλαιIG11(2).161 B27 (Delos, iii B.C.), Inscr.Délos 442 B78 (ii B.C.).
b. c. gen., χῶρος . . λεῖος πετράων smooth (i.e. free) from rocks, Od.5.443, 7.282.
3. smoothskinned, without hair, of animals, Arist.HA582b35, LXX Ge.27.11; -“ότατον τῶν ζῴων ἐστὶν ἄνθρωποςArist.HA583a6; esp. of youths, smooth-chinned, beardless (cf. λείαξ), Theoc.5.90, cf. AP12.13 (Strat.); also, of fish, smooth, “ἱππίδιαEpich.44; opp. λεπιδωτοί, Arist.HA505a26; [γαλεός] the smooth shark, Mustelus laevis, ib.565b2, Opp.H.1.380; “τὸ λ.Hp.Epid.3.14, 6.3.16; λείη ὑπόστασις a smooth or uniform sediment, Id.Coac.462; [“γάλα] λ. καὶ ὁμαλὸν καὶ συνεχὲς ἑαυτῷSor. 1.91.
II. rubbed or ground down, Dsc.1.3, al., PHolm.19.39; cf. “λειόω11: λεῖον, τό, fine sand, Inscr.Délos 500 A9 (iii B.C.). (Prob. λειϝος, cf. Lat. lēvis.
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