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λι^πα^ρ-ός , ά, όν, (λίπα) prop.
2. fatty, greasy, “ἄρτοςAr.Fr.109; τὰ λ. unctuous dishes, ib.506.1; τὸ λ. fatty substance, Arist.PA651a24; λιπαραί (sc. ἔμπλαστροι), αἱ, oily plasters, Dsc.1.112, Gal.12.468: sts. opp. τὸ πῖον (which implies resinous substance), Arist.Mete.387b6, cf. Col.791b23; of vegetables boiled in grease, Hp. Mul.1.66. Adv. -ρῶς, ἕψειν boil in grease, Hp.Mul. l. c.; so “λ. ἠρτυμένονGal.9.677; ἀνατρίβειν massage with a greasy or oily lubricant, Hp.Art.9.
II. of the healthy look of the human body or skin, shining, sleek, in Hom. in phrase λιπαροὶ πόδες bright, smooth feet, without a wrinkle on the skin, mostly of men's feet, in the line “ποσσὶ δ᾽ ὑπὸ λιπαροῖσιν ἐδήσατο καλὰ πέδιλαIl.2.44, al.; of Hera, 14.186; of Themis, Hes.Th.901; -“ώτεροι ἐγένοντοHdt.3.23; “λ. στῆθοςAr.Nu. 1012; “θηρίαX.Cyr.1.4.11; “χείλεαLuc.Am.13; radiant, “θυγάτηρ ΧρόνουB.7.1; “ἄκοιτιςId.5.169.
III. of condition or state of life, rich, comfortable, easy, “γῆραςOd.11.136, 19.368, Pi.N.7.99; “λ. εὐφροσύνηAP11.63 (Maced.). Adv. -“ρῶς, γηρασκέμενOd.4.210; “πλήσαντα λ. κύκλον ἐτῶν ἑκατόνEpigr.Gr.451.
IV. of things, bright, brilliant, “λιπαρὴ καλύπτρηIl.22.406; “λ. κρήδεμναOd.1.334, etc.; “χοροίHes.Th.63; of city walls, Od.13.388; “λ. δόμοςB.15.29; “νίκαId.10.38; “στέφανοιId.1.47; λιπαρὰς τελέουσι θέμιστας splendid or rich tribute, Il.9.156,298; also, of the oily smoothness of a calm sea, “λ. γαλάναTheoc.22.19, cf. Call.Epigr.6.5; also “σέλαςTheoc.23.8; and of smells, λ. ὀσμή rich, savoury, Arist. de An.421a30, cf. Sens.443b10.
V. of soil, fat, rich, fruitful, as epith. of places, “Χίος, νήσων λιπαρωτάτη εἰν ἁλὶ κεῖταιh.Ap.38; “λ. πόλιςThgn.947; λ. Ὀρχομενός, Θῆβαι, Νάξος, Μαραθών, Pi.O.14.2, P.2.3, 4.88, O.13.110; λιπαραὶ Ἀθῆναι, favourite epith. with the Athenians, prob. with allusion to the Attic olive, first in Pi.I.2.20, Fr.76, cf. Ar.Ach.639, 640 (where he plays on the double sense of brilliant and greasy), Nu.300, Fr.110; λ. τὸ χρῆμα τῆς πόλεως, of Nephelococcygia, Id.Av.826; λ. χεύματα, of rivers, A.Supp.1028 (lyr.); “λ. ὅρμοςCall.Del.155; “ἄντρονOrph.H. 59.4 (Hermann), etc.
VI. Adv. λι^παρῶς, v. supr. 1, 111.
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