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μα^ραίνω , fut.
A.μα^ρα^νῶOrph.Fr.262, Epigr.Gr.854 (Delos): aor.1 “ἐμάρα_ναh.Merc.140, S.OT1328, etc.:—Med., aor. ἐμα^ρηνάμην (v. infr.):—Pass., fut. “μα^ρανθήσομαιEp.Jac.1.11, Gal.7.691: aor. “ἐμα^ράνθηνIl.9.212, Lyc.1231, etc.: pf. “μεμάρασμαιDsc.1.99, Luc.Anach. 25, μεμάραμαι (leg. -αμμ-) v.l. in Dsc. l.c., Plu.Pomp.31: 3sg. plpf. “μεμάραντοQ.S.9.371:—quench fire, ἀνθρακιήν h.Merc.l.c.:—Pass., die away, go slowly out, of fire, φλὸξ ἐμαράνθη Il.l.c.; “πυρκαϊὴ ἐμαραίνετο23.228, cf. AP5.4 (Stat. Flacc.): distd. from σβέννυσθαι as that which goes out of itself, Arist.Cael.305a11; of rays of light, Arat.862.
II. later, in various senses, ὄψεις μ. quench the orbs of sight, S.l.c.; esp. waste, wither, [“νόσος] μαραίνει μεA.Pr.597 (lyr.); “γῆρας ἁμὲ μαραῖνον ταριχεύειSophr.54; “κάλλος χρόνος ἀνάλωσεν νόσος ἐμάρανεIsoc.1.6; “μάραινε [αὐτὸν] διώγμασιA.Eu.139; “πίνος πλευρὰν μ.S.OC1260; “πάνθ᾽ μέγας χρόνος μ.Id.Aj.714 (lyr.), Philem.240; “ἀδικία φθείρει [τὴν ψυχὴν] καὶ μ.Pl.R.609d:—Med., “νέους ἐμαρήνατο δαίμωνIG5(1).1355 (Abia):—Pass., waste away, καμάτοισι (v.l. ὑπὸ νούσοις) Emp.[156.3]; “νόσῳE.Alc.203; “τὸ σῶμα οὐκ ἐμαραίνετοTh.2.49, cf. Pl.Plt.270e; but also of a tumour, disappear, Hp.Epid.7.84; αἷμα . . μαραίνεται χερός blood dies away from my hand, A.Eu.280; of a river, dry up, Hdt.2.24; “μ. κίνησιςArist. Pr.901a26; of a musical sound, die away, ib.921b15; “τὸ ϝοεῖν μ An.408b24; of winds and waves, abate, Plu.Pyrrh.15, Mar.37; of wine, lose its strength, Id.2.692d; “κῦδος μαρανθένLyc.1231, cf. 1127; μ. ἀκμή, δύναμις, Plu.Fab.2, Caes.3; “τῶν ἐπιθυμιῶν καὶ ὀργῶν μεμαρασμένωνPorph.Abst.3.26. (Perh. cf. Lat. morbus; signf. 11 may be the earlier in origin.)
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