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μετά [α^, but α_ in S.Ph.184 (s. v. l., lyr.)], poet. μεταί , dub., only in μεταιβολία; Aeol., Dor., Arc. πεδά (q.v.): Prep. with gen., dat., and acc. (Cf. Goth.
A.mip, OHG. miti, mit 'with'.)
A. WITH GEN. (in which use μ. gradually superseded σύν, q.v.),
II. in common, along with, by aid of (implying a closer union than σύν)“, μ. Βοιωτῶν ἐμάχοντοIl.13.700, cf. 21.458; συνδιεπολέμησαντὸν πόλεμον μ. ἈθηναίωνIG12.108.7; “μ. ξυμμάχων ξυγκινδυνεύσεινTh.8.24, cf. 6.79, etc.; μ. τῆς βουλῆς in co-operation with the council, IG12.91.10: in this sense freq. (not in ll., Od., Pi., rare in early Gr.) with sg., μετ᾽ Ἀθηναίης with, i.e. by aid of, Athena, h.Hom. 20.2; “μ. εἷοHes.Th.392; μ. τινὸς πάσχειν, δρᾶν τι, A.Pr.1067 (anap.), S.Ant.70; μ. τινὸς εἶναι to be on one's side, Th.3.56; “μ. τοῦ ἠδικημένου ἔσεσθαιX.Cyr.2.4.7; “μ. τοῦ νόμου καὶ τοῦ δικαίουPl.Ap.32b: generally, with, together with, with Subst. in sg. first in Hdt. (in whom it is rare exc. in the phrase οἱ μ. τινός, v. infr.), as “κοιμᾶσθαι μ. τινός3.68, Timocl.22.2; “εὕδειν μ. τινόςHdt.3.84; οἱ μ. τινός his companions, Id.1.86, al., Pl.Prt.315b: freq. with Prons., “μετ᾽ αὐτοῦS. Ant.73; “μετ᾽ ἐμοῦAr.Ach.661 (anap.), etc.: less freq. of things, “στέγη πυρὸς μ.S.Ph.298; “μ. κιθάραςE.IA1037 (lyr.); “μ. τυροῦAr.Eq.771, etc.; “τὴν δίαιταν μεθ᾽ ὅπλων ἐποιήσαντοTh.1.6, cf. E.Or.573; “ὄχλος μ. μαχαιρῶν καὶ ξύλωνEv.Matt.26.47: indicating community of action and serving to join two subjects, Κλεομένης μετὰ Ἀθηναίων C. and the Athenians, Th.1.126: with pl. Verb, “Δημοσθένης μ. τῶν ξυστρατήγων σπένδονταιId.3.109, etc.; of things, in conjunction with, “ἰσχύν τε καὶ κάλλος μετὰ ὑγιείαςPl.R.591b; γῆρας μ. πενίας ib.330a.
III. later, in one's dealings with, “ὅσα ἐποίησεν θεὸς μετ᾽ αὐτῶνAct.Ap. 14.27; “ ποιήσας τὸ ἔλεος μετ᾽ αὐτοῦEv.Luc.10.36; “τί ἡμῖν συνέβη μ. τῶν ἀρχόντωνPAmh.2.135.15 (ii A.D.): even of hostile action, “σὺ ποιεῖς μετ᾽ ἐμοῦ πονηρίανLXX Jd.11.27, cf. 15.3; “πολεμῆσαι μ. τινόςApoc.12.7, cf. Apollod.Poliorc.190.4 codd. (but μ. may be a gloss), Wilcken Chr.23.10 (v A.D.), OGI201.3 (Nubia, vi A. D.): to denote the union of persons with qualities or circumstances, and so to denote manner, “τὸ ἄπραγμον . . μὴ μ. τοῦ δραστηρίου τεταγμένονTh.2.63, etc.; “ἱκετεῦσαι μ. δακρύωνPl.Ap.34c; “οἴκτου μέταS.OC1636; “μετ᾽ ἀσφαλείας μὲν δοξάζομεν, μετὰ δέους δὲ . . ἐλλείπομενTh.1.120, cf. IG22.791.12; “μ. ῥυθμοῦ βαίνοντεςTh.5.70; ὅσα μετ᾽ ἐλπίδων λυμαίνεται ib.103, etc.; “ψυχὴν ὁσίως βεβιωκυῖαν καὶ μετ᾽ ἀληθείαςPl.Grg.526c, cf. Phdr.249a, 253d; also, by means of, “μετ᾽ ἀρετῆς πρωτεύεινX.Mem. 3.5.8; “γράφε μ. μέλανοςPMag.Lond.121.226.
B. WITH DAT., only poet., mostly Ep.:
I. between, among others, but without the close union which belongs to the genitive, and so nearly = ἐν, which is sts. exchanged with it, “μ. πρώτοισι . . ἐν πυμάτοισιIl.11.64:
1. of persons, among, in company with, “μετ᾽ ἀθανάτοισιIl.1.525; “μετ᾽ ἀνθρώποιςB.5.30; “μ. κόραισι ΝηρῆοςPi.O.2.29; μ. τριτάτοισιν ἄνασσεν in the third generation (not μ. τριτάτων belonging to it), Il.1.252; of haranguing an assembly, “μετ᾽ Ἀργείοις ἀγορεύεις10.250, etc.; between, of two parties, “φιλότητα μετ᾽ ἀμφοτέροισι βάλωμεν4.16.
3. of separate parts of persons, between, μ. χερσὶν ἔχειν to hold between, i.e. in, the hands, Il.11.4, 184, S. Ph.1110 (lyr.), etc.; “τὸν μ. χ. ἐρύσατοIl.5.344; ὅς κεν . . πέσῃ μ. ποσσὶ γυναικός, of a child being born, 'to fall between her feet', 19.110; so μ. γένυσσιν, γαμφηλῇσιν, 11.416, 13.200; “μ. φρεσί4.245, etc.
II. to complete a number, besides, over and above, αὐτὰρ ἐγὼ πέμπτος μ. τοῖσιν ἐλέγμην I reckoned myself to be with them a fifth, Od.9.335, cf. Il.3.188; Οὖτιν . . πύματον ἔδομαι μ. οἷς ἑτάροισι last to complete the number, i.e. after, Od.9.369, cf. A.Pers.613, Theoc.1.39, 17.84.
III. c. dat. sg., only of collect. Nouns (or the equivalent of such, “μεθ᾽ αἵματι καὶ κονίῃσινIl.15.118), “μ. στροφάλιγγι κονίης21.503; “στρατῷ22.49; “μ. πρώτῃ ἀγορῇ19.50, etc.; “μετ᾽ ἀνδρῶν . . ἀριθμῷOd.11.449; “μετ᾽ ἄλλῳ λαῷA.Ch.365 (lyr.).
I. of motion, into the middle of, coming into or among, esp. where a number of persons is implied, “ἵκοντο μ. Τρῶας καὶ ἈχαιούςIl.3.264; “μ. φῦλα θεῶν15.54, cf. Od.3.366, al.; “μ. μῶλον ἌρηοςIl.16.245; “μ. λαὸν Ἀχαιών5.573, al.; μ. στρατόν, μεθ᾽ ὅμιλον, μεθ᾽ ὁμήγυριν, 5.589, 14.21, 20.142: so of birds, ὥς τ᾽ αἰγυπιὸς μ. χῆνας (though this may be referred to signf. 2), 17.460; of things, “εἴ τινα φεύγοντα σαώσειαν μ. νῆας12.123; με μ. . . ἔριδας καὶ νείκεα βάλλει plunges me into them, 2.376; of place, “μ. τ᾽ ἤθεα καὶ νομὸν ἵππων6.511; δράγματα μετ᾽ ὄγμον πῖπτον into the midst of the furrow, 18.552.
2. in pursuit or quest of, of persons, sts. in friendlysense, βῆ ῥ᾽ ἰέναι μ. Νέστορα went to seek Nestor, Il.10.73, cf. 15.221: sts. in hostile sense, βῆναι μ. τινά to go after, pursue him, 5.152, 6.21, al.; also of things, πλεῖν μ. χαλκόν to sail in quest of it, Od.1.184; ἵκηαι μ. πατρὸς ἀκουήν in search of news of thy father, 2.308, cf. 13.415; “οἴχονται μ. δεῖπνονIl.19.346; πόλεμον μέτα θωρήσσοντο they armed for the battle, 20.329; ὡπλίζοντο μεθ᾽ ὕλην prepared to seek after wood, 7.418, cf. 420; “μ. δούρατος ᾤχετ᾽ ἐρωήν11.357; “μ. γὰρ δόρυ ᾔει οἰσόμενος13.247.
II. of sequence or succession,
1. of Place, after, behind, λαοὶ ἕπονθ᾽, ὡς εἴ τε μ. κτίλον ἕσπετο μῆλα like sheep after the bell-wether, Il.13.492, cf. Od.6.260, 21.190, h.Ven.69; “ἔσχατοι μ. Κύνητας οἰκέουσιHdt.4.49; μ. τὴν θάλασσαν beyond, on the far side of the sea, Theo Sm.p.122 H.
2. of Time, after, next to, “μ. δαῖταςOd.22.352; μεθ᾽ Ἕκτορα πότμος ἑτοῖμος after Hector thy death is at the door, Il.18.96; “μ. Πάτροκλόν γε θανόντα24.575, cf. Hdt. 1.34; “μετ᾽ εὐχάνA.Ag.231 (lyr.), etc.; “μ. ταῦταthereupon, there-after, h.Merc.126, etc.; “τὸ μ. ταῦταPl.Phlb.34c; “τὸ μ. τοῦτοId.Criti. 120a; μετ᾽ ὀλίγον ὕστερον shortly after, Id.Lg.646c; “μ. μικρόνLuc. Demon.8; “μ. ἡμέρας τρεῖς μ. τὴν ἄφεδρονDsc.2.19; “μ. ἔτη δύοJ.BJ 1.13.1; “μ. τρίτον ἔτοςThphr.HP4.2.8; μ. χρυσόθρονον ἠῶ after daybreak, h.Merc.326: but μετ᾽ ἡμέρην by day, opp. νυκτός, Hdt.2.150, cf. Pl.Phdr.251e, etc.; μεθ᾽ ἡμέραν, opp. νύκτωρ, E.Ba.485; “μ. νύκταςPi.N.6.6; μ. τὸν ἑξέτη καὶ τὴν ἑξέτιν after the boy or girl has attained the age of six years, Pl.Lg.794c.
IV. generally, among, between, as with dat. (B.I), μ. πάντας ὁμήλικας ἄριστος best among all, Il.9.54, cf. Od.16.419; “μ. πληθύνIl.2.143; μ. τοὺς τετελευτηκότας including those who have died, PLond.2.260.87 (i A.D.); “μ. χεῖρας ἔχεινHdt.7.16. β᾽, Th.1.138, POxy.901.9 (iv A.D.), cf. X.Ages.2.14, etc.
D. μετά with all cases can be put after its Subst., and is then by anastrophe μέτα, Il.13.301, but not when the ult. is elided, 17.258, Od.15.147.
E. abs. as ADV., among them, with them, Il.2.446,477, etc.; with him, “οὐκ οἶον, μ. καὶ ΓανυμήδεαA.R.3.115.
II. and then, next afterwards, opp. πρόσθε, Il.23.133.
III. thereafter, 15.67, Hdt.1.88, 128,150, A.Ag.759 (lyr.), etc.; μ. γάρ τε καὶ ἄλγεσι τέρπεται ἀνήρ one feels pleasure even in troubles, when past, Od.15.400; μ. δέ, for ἔπειτα δέ, Hdt.1.19, Luc.DMort.9.2, etc.
I. of community or participation, as in μεταδίδωμι, μετέχω, usu. c. gen. rei.
2. of action in common with another, as in μεταδαίνυμαι, μεταμέλπομαι, etc., c. dat. pers.
II. in the midst of, of space or time, as in “μεταδήμιος, μεταδόρπιος1; between, as in μεταίχμιον, μεταπύργιον.
III. of succession of time, as in “μεταδόρπιος2, μετακλαίω, μεταυτίκα.
IV. of pursuit, as in μεταδιώκω, μετέρχομαι.
V. of letting go, as in μεθίημι, μεθήμων.
VI. after, behind, as in μετάφρενον, opp. πρόσθε.
VII. reversely, as in μετατρέπω, μεταστρέφω.
VIII. most freq. of change of place, condition, plan, etc., as in μεταβαίνω, μεταβάλλω, μεταβουλεύω, μεταγιγνώσκω, etc.
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