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μεταξύ (late form μετοξύ PLond.2.177.11 (i A.D.), etc.), Adv., (μετά, ξύν) prop. the midst: hence,
I. as Adv.,
2. of Time, between-whiles, meanwhile, Hdt.4.155, S.Fr.225, Pl.Ly.207d, etc.; τὰ μ. the intervening events, Isoc.12.201: freq. c. pres. part., μ. ὀρύσσων ἐπαύσατο in the midst of his digging, Hdt.2.158; “ἐπελαυνόντων . . μ.Id.4.129; “μ. θύωνAr.Ra.1242; “μ. πίνωνEup.351.5; “μ. πορευομένουςX.Cyr.8.8.11, cf. Pl.Ly.207b, etc.; ἐξαναστάντες μ. δειπνοῦντες in the middle of supper, D.18.169; ἀπαγχομένη μ. κατεκλίθη κατεκωλύθη Blass), i. e. in the interval between this and reviving, And.1.125: freq. with Verbs of speaking, λέγοντα μ. in the middle of my discourse, Pl.Ap.40b, cf. Euthd.275e, R.336b: without part., μ. ὑπολαβεῖν to interrupt, X.An.3.1.26; “μ. τὸν λόγον καταλύομενPl.Grg. 505c; “μ. διαλῦσαι τὴν συνουσίανId.Prt.336e; ἐν τῷ μ. (sc. χρόνῳ) X. Smp.1.14: with χρόνῳ, D.30.17.
b. in late writers, like μετά (Adv.), after, afterwards, τὸ μ. σάββατον the next Sabbath, Act.Ap. 13.42; οἱ μ. τούτων βασιλεῖς the kings who followed them, J.BJ5.4.2; οἱ μ. τούτων, = Lat. posterieorum, IG14.1913.
3. of Qualities, τὰ μ. intermediate, i.e. neither good nor bad, Pl.Grg.468a.
4. of Degree, ὅσον τὸ μ. how great is the difference, Timocl.22.1.
5. Gramm., the neuter gender, Arist.SE166b12, Po.1458a17.
II. as Prep. c. gen., between, Hdt.1.6,7.85, Th.1.118, 4.42, etc.; “μ. σοφίας καὶ ἀμαθίαςPl.Smp.202a; “μ. τούτοιν ἀμφοῖν ἐν μέσῳ ὄνId.R.583c; αἱ μ. τῶν λόγων διηγήσεις the explanations between the speeches, Id.Tht. 143c; but μ. τῶν λόγων if I may interrupt the argument, Id.Phdr. 230a; μ. τῶν βασιλέων among kings, Plu.2.177c; between parties to an agreement, “τιμὴ συμφωνηθεῖσα μ. τινῶνBGU316.15 (iv A. D.); τὰ μ. σύμφωνα the terms agreed between the parties, POxy.914.8 (v A.D.): sts. one of the extremes is omitted, “ἄνωθεν τῶν Θυεστείων ῥακῶν μ. τῶν ἸνοῦςAr.Ach.434; “ ἐναντίοις οὖσιν μ.Arist.GC319b12; “ἦν συμφέρον ὡς πλεῖστον τὸν μ. χρόνον γενέσθαι τῶν ὅρκωνD.18.26.
b. μ. θύρας in the opening of the door, Sor.1.119.
2. of Time, μ. τῆς δίκης τε καὶ τοῦ θανάτου [χρόνος] Pl.Phd.58c, cf. E.Hec. 437; τὰ μ. τούτου meanwhile, S.OC291: as a Prep., it may either precede or follow its case, but more freq. precedes, cf. Pl.Phd.71a and b.
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