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μεταλαμβάνω , fut. -
4. in Platonic Philos., c. gen. rei, participate in the universal, “ἤτοι ὅλου τοῦ εἴδους μέρους μ.Pl.Prm. 131a.
5. c. gen. pers., have part in, share his society, X.Cyr.7.5.51; go shares with another, “ὡς ἐμοῦ τι κεκλοφότος ζητεῖς μεταλαβεῖνAr.Pl.370.
6. receive notice or information, Mitteis Chr.31 ii 2 (ii B. C.): c. acc. et inf., PTeb.40.7 (ii B. C.), LXX 2 Ma.4.21: c. acc. et part., μ. πολιορκοῦντά τινα ib.11.6; μ. διότι . . Aristeas 316:—Pass., to be cited, = Lat. recitari, “ἐκ διπτύχωνSIG827 B 1 (Delph., ii A. D.).
7. understand, “φωνάςPhilostr. VA1.19.
II. receive in succession or afterwards, [χαλινόν] X.Eq.10.6; [“ἱμάτιον] θάτερονEup.159.6; “πλοῦτον ἕτερονPhilem.201; occupy a position left by the enemy, Plb.10.40.11, etc.; μ. τὴν ἀρχήν succeed to the government, Id.5.40.6, cf. PTeb.79.49 (ii B. C.); μ. τὸν λόγον take up the discourse, i. e. answer, Plb.18.2.2; μ. alone, Id.10.38.1, etc.; οἱ παρά τινος -λημψόμενοι his successors in title, PTeb.294.18 (ii A. D.), etc.; “ἐκ διαδοχῆς μ. τὸ ἱερόνStud.Pal.22.184.95 (ii A. D.).
IV. Pass., to be changed, Sor.2.9, Olymp. in Mete.36.19.
2. Medic., of humours, blood, to be transferred, conveyed, “ὑπὸ δηχθέντοςRuf.Fr.118, cf. Sor.2.7.
3. Gramm., to be changed, altered, εἰς . . A.D.Synt.107.2; also, of words, have their construction altered, εἰς . . Id.Pron.15.11, al.; but μ. ἐκ . . to be used in place of, Id.Synt.195.14, al.
V. take words in another sense, “τὰ πράγματα τοῖς ὀνόμασι μ.Hld.9.9, cf. Them. in de An.18.35; parody, Ath.8.336f (Pass.).
2. translate, interpret, Ph.1.480 (Pass.).
VI. in the Logic of Arist., τὸ μεταλαμβανόμενον proposition substituted for the original thesis in hypothetical reasoning, APr.41a39.
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