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νεύω , Il.13.133, etc.: fut.
A.νεύσωOd.16.283, etc.: aor. ἔνευσα, Ep. νεῦσα (v. infr.): pf. “νένευκαE.IA1581, etc. (fut. Med. νεύσομαι only in compds.):—incline in any direction:
1. nod, beckon, as a sign, “νεύσω μέν τοι ἐγὼ κεφαλῇOd.16.283; “νεῦσ᾽ Αἴας ΦοίνικιIl.9.223, cf. Od.17.330; “νεῦσαν ἐς ἀλλήλουςh.Hom.7.9; “ὅρκος βέβαιός ἐστιν ἂν νεύσω μόνονAlex.91, cf. 178.3; beckon with the hand, “δεξιᾷ δέ μοι ἔνευσεEzek.Exag.73: c. inf., beckon to one to do a thing, in token of command, “νεανίαις ἔνευσε παρθένον λαβεῖνE.Hec.545.
2. nod or bow in token of assent,ἐπὶ γλεφάροις ν.Pi.I.8(7).50; νεῦσον,ΚρονίωνId.P.1.71; “νεῦσον, τέκνον, πείσθητιS.Ph.484, cf. Ar.Pax 883: c. acc. et inf., grant, assure, promise that . . , “νεῦσε δέ οἱ λαὸν σόον ἔμμεναιIl.8.246: c. inf. fut., Pi.O.7.67: c. inf. aor., AP6.244 (Crin.): c. acc. rei, grant, promise,νεῦσε δέ οἱ κούρηνh.Cer.445, cf. 463; “νεύσατε τὰν ἀδόκητον χάρινS.OC248 (lyr.), cf. E.Alc.978 (lyr.).
4. incline, slope, ν. ἀπό τινος εἴς τι incline to wards, Th.4.100; εἰς τὸ αὐτὸ ν. tend to the same point, Pl.Lg.945d; πρὸς τὸ λυπῆσαν, πρὸς τοῖς ῥήμασιν, Alex.Aphr. Pr.1.48,78; of countries, etc., slope, ν. εἰς δύσεις, πρὸς τὸ πέλαγος, Plb.1.42.6, 1.73.5, etc.; of buildings, etc., look, face, εἰς νότον, etc., PLond.3.978 (iv A.D.), etc.; “μηδαμοῦ ν.to be in equilibrium, Plb.6.10.7; “ταῖς πρῴραις ἔξω νεύοντα τὰ σκάφηId.1.26.12: Geom., of straight lines, verge, tend to a point (i. e. to pass through it when produced), Arist.AP0.76b9, Apollon.Perg.1.2, etc.: metaph., to be inclined,ἄλλως ν.Theoc.7.109; ν. εἰς ὀργάν, εἰς ἔλεον, APl.4.136 (Antiphil.); “ἐπὶ χάρινPhalar.Ep.78; “πρὸς γαστέραAth.14.659a; “πρὸς θῆλυTrag.Adesp.355.
II. metaph., decline, fall away,ἐκ . . τῶν ποτε λαμπρῶν νεύει βίοτος, νεύει δὲ τύχαE.Fr.153: in Neo-Platonic philosophy, decline, sink in the scale of Being, Plot.2.9.4, etc.
IV. Pass., only pf. part. νενευμένος inclined, Teucerin Cat.Cod.Astr.7.202. (Cf. Skt. návate 'turn round', Lat. nuo.
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